Why is my bench press getting weaker?


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By Amy Eisinger

Why do I keep getting weaker on bench press?

You’re ordering your exercises wrong. Starting your workout off with chest flyes and dips is a surefire way to decrease your performance on the bench press later on in you session. The ordering of your exercises can play a huge role in your strength levels.

How do I fix my weak bench press?

If your bench stalls, take a few weeks to build your upper-back strength. Perform exercises like Rows, Pull-Ups and Face Pulls twice per week and do Deadlifts and Snatches at least once a week until your upper back is up to par.

Why has my bench stopped progressing?

Chances are you’re loose in your set up and getting tighter can make all the difference to your bench press taking off again. Getting “tight” for the bench press serves to provide a stable base of support from which we push weight.

Why am I suddenly weaker in the gym?

Exercising means muscle tearing and energy depletion, both of which make you feel weak. That happens even to the best! Your body is constantly adjusting while you are training. It’s inevitable that you are going to be tired at some point.

Why am I getting weaker the more I workout?

You’re intensity and volume are too high

And, over time, this can lead to overtraining and decreased results. Rather than trying to hit your muscles from every angle, focus on the heavy hitters that’ll get you the most results in the least amount of time.

Why am I suddenly lifting less?

Many factors such as more significant loads on the bar, poor nutrition, the sudden introduction of caloric deficit, insufficient sleep, increased stress and emotional status, lack of recovery from last training session may impact your performance in the gym.

Why do I bench less on some days?

If you don’t replace muscle glycogen stores after a workout, and in the time between workouts, you may enter a workout with glycogen-depleted muscles. As you might expect, this can definitely impact your performance. When you have a day where you don’t feel as strong as usual, take a closer look at your diet.

Why am I not gaining strength on bench?

The more stress, the more time needed between workouts. Remember, a strong bench needs a strong back and hip drive. If you train your back or legs heavy the day before or even the exercise before, your benching performance will suffer. Benching is a full body exercise.

Why am I so weak on bench press?

If you’re weak off the chest in the bench press it’s either because (1) you have weak contributing muscle groups, namely the pecs, or (2) you have inefficient technique, ranging from an inconsistent touch point, bringing the bar down to slow, lacking a bench press arch, or picking the wrong grip.

How can I increase my bench press strength?

If you want to increase the amount you bench, you have to strive to add weight or reps every time you bench press. This is known as progressive overload, and it’s one of the best ways to maximize the strength- and muscle-building effects of weightlifting.

Why can’t I get stronger on bench?

If your muscles are inflexible and get locked up, it will limit your bench. The two areas that hold most people back are the back and hips. If you want to increase your bench max, not only should you add thickness to your back, you also need to stretch your lats.

How can I improve my weak bench?

Benching twice a week is ideal for most people looking to build a stronger bench. You can go heavy one day and work on speed or reps the second day. Don’t be afraid to do the same workout twice each week, aiming to improve bar speed and technique each time.


  1. Have a Spotter. Having a spotter can make a big difference in what your potential could be on a heavy bench press.
  2. Engage the Right Muscles.
  3. Use your Legs.
  4. 5-10 lbs or more every Bench Press Session.
  5. Lower the Reps and Increase the Weight.
  6. Longer Rest Periods.
  7. Vary Your Chest Exercises.

Why don’t I feel anything when I bench?

Most likely you are pressing with a grip too narrow, you aren’t depressing and retracting your scapula, and you are excessively tucking your elbows. If the above doesn’t work, try a slight change in bench angle or even try doing flies before you bench.

How do I get stronger at bench?

Use chains to build explosive power: Using a variable resistance system is a proven way to increase strength. Lift heavier, with lower reps: Sets of 5 to 8 reps at a heavy resistance may be the sweet spot for building bench strength.

Is 225 a weak bench?

A 225 pound bench press is considered impressive even among the average weightlifting population, and as such the average sedentary male is unlikely to even come close to being able to lift such an amount.

Why am I getting weaker bench press?

Unless you fell ill or stopped going to the gym, you did not “lose” strength for your bench press. What is probably happening is that you have reached the training threshold at which your body can recover from and you are unable to make any more progress at your current training methodology.

Why has my bench gotten worse?

If you’re getting weaker in a lift, it is usually because you’re not letting your body recover, or maybe you’ve simply just stalled out, it happens to everyone, and this is when you change things up, maybe you up your frequency, but lower the volume per workout, maybe change rep range, maybe work on technique.

Is a 225 bench weak?

Though we can safely say that – based on national statistics – less than 1% of the population can bench press 225 pounds, this figure becomes somewhat more dubious when changing the sample size to only individuals that visit the gym.

4 Data-Backed Ways to Improve Your Bench Press

  1. Find Your Sweet Spot For Sets.
  2. Isolate Your Triceps For Synergistic Strength.
  3. Add Chains to Boost Power and Gain Strength.
  4. Lower Your Rep Range, Increase the Weight.

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