What does a superset mean?


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By Danielle Hildreth

What is an example of a superset?

At its very core, a superset workout is simple: alternating sets of two different exercises with no rest in between. For example, doing a set of biceps curls and a set of triceps dips, alternating until you’ve completed all the sets.

What is a superset in a workout?

The concept of a superset is to perform 2 exercises back to back, followed by a short rest (but not always). This effectively doubles the amount of work you are doing, whilst keeping the recovery periods the same as they are when you complete individual exercise.

What does superset of 3 sets mean?

A superset workout involves doing two or more sets of exercises back-to-back with no break. You can do sets of exercises that work opposing muscle groups, like the chest and the back, or sets of exercises that work muscle groups in the legs, followed immediately by exercises that work muscle groups in the arms.

Is a superset 1 or 2 sets?

Put most simply, a superset is when you perform one set of an exercise and then immediately switch to another exercise and do another set. You can pair two exercises that work the same muscle group or two exercises that pair complementary muscle groups.The 5 Best Supersets for Athletes

  • Chest and Back Superset. Push-Ups.
  • Shoulders and Back Superset. Single-Arm Kettlebell Clean and Press.
  • Lower-Body Strength and Power Superset. Deadlift.
  • Upper- and Lower-Body Superset. Chest-Supported Row.
  • Legs and Back Superset.

Types of supersets

  • Push-pull supersets. Push-pull supersets involve performing two exercises that use opposing muscle groups.
  • Upper-lower supersets.
  • Pre-exhaustion compound-isolation sets.
  • Compound or cluster sets.

What are superset exercises?

Supersets are a form of exercise where you focus on working opposing muscle groups back to back with little rest in between. An example of a superset would be doing one set of 10 push-ups focusing on your chest and shoulder muscles. Then, immediately do a set of pull-ups focusing on your back and bicep muscles.

What is a superset of 3 exercises?

What are Supersets / trisets / giant sets? Supersets are doing two exercises back to back with no break. Trisets are doing three exercises back to back with no break. Giant sets are doing 4 or more exercises back to back with no break.

What body parts should I superset?

All muscle groups can be superset. Bigger muscles such as chest and back respond well, so do legs as well as arms, delts, abs and calves. There are few restrictions as to what muscle groups you can superset, and which you shouldn’t.

Can I superset 3 exercises?

A superset is a combination of two or three moves that either work the same bodypart or opposing muscle groups — the key is that the exercises are done back-to-back with no rest in between.

What are supersets best for?

The main reasons for using supersets are to build muscle, increase muscular endurance, and to save time. Supersets for muscle building occur in the eight to 12 rep range using moderately heavy weights while endurance athletes will use light weights for 15-30 reps.Here’s an example of how you could combine muscle groups using the more detailed groups we outlined:

  • Day 1: chest, shoulders, triceps, forearms.
  • Day 2: calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes.
  • Day 3: biceps, back, abdominals, traps, lats.

Should you superset the same body part?

1 One of the best options is by using supersets. Exercises in supersets can be for the same muscle group—such as doing an overhead shoulder press followed by a lateral raise—which is the most intense way to use supersets. Because you’re working the same muscle group, those muscle fibers get more time under tension.

Should I superset different muscles?

1) Superset Muscle Groups that Don’t Interfere with Each Other. Now although you can theoretically superset any two muscles with each other, if you want to see the best results then it’s important that you choose the right ones. My recommendation is to mainly stick with what are called agonist-antagonist supersets.

Are supersets better for building muscle?

Supersets are good for muscle growth if it means that you are training more than you otherwise would. Using supersets for antagonists like biceps and triceps is a classic method to build more muscle in less time.

When should you do supersets?

Supersets, in which you perform a set of two different exercises back-to-back with little or no rest, are a great time-saver. Generally, you use them for opposing muscle groups, such as chest and back, so that one area can recover while you train the other one, thereby reducing the time needed to rest.

Are supersets actually effective?

Supersets are excellent for developing muscularity, but are not, however, overly effective for building strength. They are not effective for building strength due to a reduction in the amount of weight you can handle. This reduction in weight is caused by fatigue due to lack of recuperation between sets.Here’s a list of muscle groups you can pair together to form a superset:

  • Biceps and triceps.
  • Triceps and back.
  • Quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • Chest and back.
  • Shoulders and back.
  • Back and quadriceps.
  • Calves and shoulders.
  • Shoulders and quadriceps.

Is superset good for hypertrophy?

On top of decreasing total workout time, supersets can also benefit hypertrophy adaptations. By using back-to-back similar muscle group focused exercises we can push ourselves closer to failure and recruit more muscle fibers as effort increases throughout the superset.

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