Can i use tomato sauce instead of crushed tomatoes?


Can you substitute tomato sauce for crushed to? Tomato sauce is primarily made with tomatoes, although it can include other ingredients as well. It has a thin, runny consistency that’s in stark contrast to the chunkier crushed tomatoes. But, you can heat tomato sauce to change its consistency, so it could work well as a … Read more

Where to buy rice wine vinegar?

rice wine vinegar

Rice wine vinegar is a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes and can be found in most grocery stores or supermarkets in the vinegar or Asian section. It can also be purchased at Asian markets or specialty food stores. If you prefer to shop online, there are several online retailers that offer rice wine vinegar, … Read more

Where can i buy candied fruit for fruit cakes?


What is the best candied fruit for fruitcake? You can use any candied fruit that you prefer, many types are readily available in the baking section of your grocery store. If you like to make your own candied fruit, you can do so. Think of pineapple, cherry, orange rind, or lemon rind. What can you … Read more

Is new york strip roast the same as prime rib?

Which is better ribeye roast or New York roast? The main difference between a ribeye and a NY strip is that the ribeye has more internal marbling or fat. The New York Strip has a thick band of fat running down one side that you can’t really eat. The Ribeye is a great choice if … Read more

Why do my eggs taste like fish?


Why do my eggs taste weird? Absorption of foreign odours from the storage environment can produce off odours and tastes in the egg. Among materials implicated are: fish oils and meals. sour milk. How do you get rid of the fishy smell in eggs? If your chickens do lay tainted eggs, simply remove the canola … Read more

How to cure olives in salt?

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How do you cure olives easily? Combine 1–1½ cups of pickling salt with one gallon of cold water (use more salt for smaller olives; less for larger olives) and 2 cups of vinegar. Stir the mixture to dissolve the salt. Pour the brine over the olives to cover. Top with lids, but do not screw … Read more

How long do anchovies last after opening?


Do opened anchovies go bad? It’s surprisingly easy to store opened anchovies. An unopened can will be good for at least a year if it’s stored at room temperature, and according to The New Food Lover’s Companion, once that can is open, you can refrigerate them for up to two months if you keep the … Read more

How long does a bottle of gas last?

gas bottle

The duration that a bottle of gas lasts depends on the size of the bottle and the rate of consumption. For example, a standard 20-pound propane tank used for grilling can last for approximately 18-20 hours of cooking time, assuming a medium flame setting. However, this estimate may vary depending on the frequency of use … Read more

How to get the most caffeine out of coffee?

What coffee brewing method extracts the most caffeine? The strongest brew after the espresso method, which extracted 4,200 milligrams of caffeine per litre, was the cold brew at 2,240 milligrams per litre, the stovetop at 2,192 milligrams per litre, French press at 742 milligrams per litre and then the pour over at 692 milligrams per … Read more

What does rotten watermelon look like?

Is overripe watermelon safe to eat? Is Overripe Watermelon Safe to Eat? When a watermelon gets too ripe for its own good, the juicy crisp texture of the flesh can turn gritty and dry. If you cut it open, you might see the flesh actually pulling away from the seeds. If your watermelon is mealy, … Read more