Where can i keep my luggage in delhi?


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By Jen Ruiz

Where can I keep my luggage safe in Delhi?

You can find luggage storage at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi Railway Station, Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station, Sarai Rohilla Railway Station, Maharana Pratap ISBT Kashmere Gate Bus Stand, All India Institute Of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Chandni Chowk , Jama Masjid, Red

Can I keep my luggage at Delhi Metro station?

In DMRC :- One bag containing personal belongings not exceeding 80 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm in size and 25 Kgs in gross weight is permitted. Baggage in form of bundles arenot permitted.

Can I store my luggage at a hotel Im not staying at?

Travelers often ask, “Will a hotel hold my luggage even if I’m not staying there?” The answer is usually “yes.” Hotel bellhops will often agree to store your luggage for a tip. Keep in mind that this arrangement is informal.7 Luggage Storage Solutions for Long Layovers and Sightseeing

  • Use Luggage Storage or Delivery at Airports.
  • Store Luggage at Train Stations.
  • Check Out Bag Storage at Hotels.
  • Discover Luggage Storage Services.
  • Ask the Tourism Office.
  • Find Luggage Storage at Local Businesses.
  • Brainstorm Creative Luggage Storage Solutions.

Is there a place to keep luggage in Delhi airport?

For an affordable convenience fee, you can leave your airport at a temporary storage facility. This 24/7 facility is located at the airport connect building, Terminal-3. Both Domestic and International passengers can utilise it for a few hours or up to a maximum of 30 days.

Is cloakroom available in Delhi Metro?

Paid Cloak Room facility is available at New Delhi Metro Station of Airport Express Line. Free Trolley Services is available for movement inside station of Airport Express Line, Passengers can carry trolley inside upto IGI Airport and T3 Terminal also.

Can I keep my luggage at the airport?

Most airports have a luggage storage facility or service. You can check bags into the storage center and leave them any length of time, from a few hours to several days. Time limits and fees vary from airport to airport and some have size restrictions.9 Things to do on a layover at New Delhi Airport

  • Enjoy a meal. Choose from dozens of restaurants, cafes, and bars for a meal to start your layover.
  • Relax in a lounge.
  • Go shopping.
  • Freshen up.
  • Get pampered at a spa.
  • Pretend to be a pilot.
  • Go sightseeing.
  • WiFi.

Here are the most common options you have to leave your luggage while traveling:

  1. Lockers at transit stations.
  2. Check with a local hotel.
  3. Luggage store services.
  4. Cloakrooms of museums or galleries you’re visiting.
  5. Ask your host.
  6. Price.
  7. Location.
  8. Locker sizes.

Where should suitcases be stored?

Keep your luggage in a cool, dry place with a constant temperature and some airflow. Avoid storing your suitcase in an attic or basement, but if you must, be sure to use a dehumidifier or silica packets.

Is luggage allowed in Delhi airport metro?

Only the baggage not exceeding the prescribed dimensions (35” X 25”) shall be accepted by the CAT counters. Any over-sized/over-weight baggage may be carried by the passenger in the train as per the prevailing policy of the Airport Metro.

Can I keep my luggage at railway station?

Most major stations have cloak rooms and lockers where you can leave your luggage, on payment of prescribed charges. This passenger amenity ensures safe custody of your luggage, giving you the freedom to spend a day or two as you desire.

Is there cloak room at Delhi railway station?

Cloak room on New Delhi Railway Station

This is issued to passengers who deposit their luggage in the cloakroom. The articles kept in the cloakroom are to be securely locked and neatly packed. This ticket has 3 foils Record, Passenger, Label and prepared under double-sided carbon process.

Is New Delhi cloak room safe?

This passenger amenity ensures safe custody of your luggage, giving you the freedom to spend a day or two as you desire. The process of depositing your luggage in the cloak room has been simplified for your convenience.

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