What do snake mites look like?


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By Austin Cannon

How do you know if a snake has mites?

Snake mites attach themselves to the skin under the scales and feed on blood and fluid. Clinical signs of Acariasis in reptiles include severe itchiness, reduced feeding, dysectysis (abnormal shed), or the presence of ‘mite dust’ which looks like white dandruff or dust on the skin and scales.

What is the fastest way to get rid of snake mites?

To get rid of mites on snakes, soak the snake in a povidone-iodine solution daily until the mites disappear. While the snake is soaking the first time, clean out the enclosure thoroughly by removing all substrates and use bleach to kill any harmful organisms.

Can humans get mites from snakes?

Sadly, although mites may prefer one species over another, some will also infect humans if they are in close enough contact. Although snake mites do not generally affect people, there is one report of a human skin irritation resulting from Ophionyssus.

Can snake mites kill a snake?

Can mites kill snakes? It is possible that mites will cause enough blood loss and stress that it’ll result in the death of a snake. However, this would usually require the combination of a severe infestation and a lengthy period of time during which you didn’t do anything about the mites.


  1. Rubbing.
  2. Lethargy.
  3. Prolonged soaking.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Tiny black dots around eyes, ears & vent (cloaca)
  6. Tiny black dots on shed skin.
  7. Tiny black dots on hands after handling.
  8. Tiny black dots visible moving on the snake and/or enclosure walls.

Can you feel snake mites?

You may feel one or more raised scales which are often more easily detected by running your hand against the grain of the scales. Many infested reptiles have dysecdysis. The reptile may have swollen eyes due to mites beneath the scales surrounding the spectacle.

What is the fastest way to treat snake mites?

Pinello’s preferred method for getting rid of snake mites is to empty the enclosure and fill it with shallow water and a few drops of dish detergent. This will help to remove the mites from the enclosure and cause them to sink and drown.

How do you treat mites on snakes?

Snake mites can be difficult to eradicate, and sometimes require more weekly treatments than the 5 suggested here. Mix 1.0 ml of 1% ivermectin solution with 1 liter (about 1 quart) of water in a spray bottle. This spray expires in 1 month. If cost is not a concern, mix a fresh dose before each use.

How did my snake get mites?

Some of the most common ways snake mites may find their way into your collection include: Purchasing a snake that is currently infested with mites. Visiting a pet store or expo event, handling snakes that are infested with mites, and then bringing them back home to your collection.

How long does it take to cure snake mites?

Eradicating mites is often a prolonged affair. In a best-case scenario, it will probably take you at least two to three weeks to eliminate them, and in some cases, it can take months – particularly in the case of large collections.

How do I get rid of mites in my reptile cage?

Warm Water Soaks: Add a very small amount of saop to warm water, then soak daily. The soap will cause the mites to drown by removing the layer of air surrounding them. Frontline spray: Can be used on both the animal and the enclosure (see below). Ivermectin/Moxidectin: Make up solution fresh for each.

How often should you soak a snake with mites?

A small amount of dishwashing soap is added to warm water and the snake is soaked in it. This has to be done daily. The water needs to have a temperature of about 26 deg C/80 F. The soap should cause the mites to drown by removing the layer of air surrounding them, and the water will also drown the.

What kills snake mite eggs?

Taurrus predators are the natural predator of many different species of mite, including Ophionyssus natricis – the snake mite. It works by killing and consuming both the mites and also their eggs. Once again, nature provides the best pest control solution.

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