What do oats taste like?


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By Danielle Hildreth

What is oatmeal supposed to taste like?

On it’s own, oatmeal tastes rather bland with some slight earthy notes to it. Because it absorbs so much water during the cooking process, oatmeal is one of those foods that’s really good at taking on the flavor of whatever you cook it or mix it with.

Are oats tasty?

Done right, oatmeal can be a delicious and satisfying breakfast, but it can just as easily be plain, boring, and leave you hungry an hour later. Here’s how to make oatmeal more filling, yummy, and satisfying!.

8 Easy Ways to Make Oatmeal Taste Amazing (Seriously)

  1. Whip in Thinly Sliced Banana for Creamy Sweetness.
  2. Cook Oats in Milk to Boost Flavor and Protein.
  3. Add Apple and Spices for a Bowl That Tastes like Pie.
  4. Prefer Carrot Cake?
  5. Use a Spiced Tea Bag to Add Serious Flavor.
  6. Whisk in an Egg for High-Protein Breakfast Pudding.

Does oats taste like rice?

Both oats and brown rice have a slightly nutty flavor, but are largely neutral, meaning they pair well with a wide variety of foods. Partly because of their softer texture, oats are more common as a hot breakfast cereal, but they can be swapped out for brown rice as well.

What happens to your body when you start eating oatmeal?

Oats are incredibly good for you

Benefits include lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, protection against skin irritation, and reduced constipation. In addition, they are very filling and have many properties that should make them a food helpful for weight loss.

Why is eating oatmeal everyday not good for you?

Though oatmeal is said to help you lose weight, having too much of it can lead to malnutrition and muscle mass shedding. This is because oatmeal is rich in fibre, which keeps you full for longer, so your body loses the ability to signal you to eat more throughout the day.

What can I put in oatmeal to make it taste better?

Dried fruit like mulberries, goji berries, jujube, and dates lend chewy texture in addition to fruity flavor. Top with nuts and seeds for an extra crunchy, extra hearty bowl of oats. We like hemp seeds, toasted sesame seeds, pepitas, chia seeds, and toasted coconut.

To sweeten oatmeal without going overboard on refined sugar, try these additions:

  1. Fresh fruit: berries, bananas, apples, peaches, mango, or pears.
  2. Spices: cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, or nutmeg.
  3. Natural sweeteners: a dash of maple syrup or honey.

Four Keys to Make Oatmeal that Doesn’t Taste Like Crap

  1. Purchase oatmeal in whole form as either rolled oats or steel-cut and soak overnight. The soaking process does a few things.
  2. Add healthy fats. Imagine that!
  3. Add sweetness. Any fruit and/or a dollop of raw honey or maple syrup.
  4. Add sea salt to taste.

Is oatmeal better with milk or water?

Simple tip #1: Make oatmeal with milk (or a non-dairy alternative) versus water. Not only does oatmeal made with water taste way less delicious, but you’re also missing out on the extra protein staying power that milk will add to the breakfast. Water will also make the oats more gummy instead of creamy.

Healthy Ways To Sweeten Oatmeal

  1. Bananas.
  2. Berries.
  3. Unsweetened Applesauce.
  4. Mango Chunks.
  5. Chopped Dates.
  6. Fresh and Dried Coconut.
  7. Nut Butters.
  8. Seed Butters.

How do you sweeten plain oatmeal?

Syrups & Nectars Are Also Healthy Ways To Sweeten Your Oats

Honey, date syrup and maple syrup work really great for our Jojoshomemade granola and cookies. Adding syrup or nectar is the closest thing to adding plain sugar to your oatmeal but the difference is that these sugars are healthy.

Tasty Oatmeal Flavor Combinations

  1. Apple or pear, cinnamon, and walnuts.
  2. Banana, peanut butter, cocoa nibs.
  3. Figs, tahini, vanilla, and walnuts.
  4. Pear, almond butter, cinnamon.
  5. Peaches, nutmeg, slivered almonds.
  6. Peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.
  7. Pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, pecans.

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