How to use arc whitening pen?


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By Emily Goldman

How long do you keep arc whitening pen on?

Wait 60 seconds before closing mouth. Avoid eating or drinking for 1 hour after application. Apply 2 times per day for at least 14 days. 51 Reviews.

How do you use arc teeth whitening?

When and how do I use the light? Use the light at the end of your ARC teeth whitening treatment (30 minutes total wear time). Apply the strips to your top and bottom teeth and leave on for 30 minutes total. After 25 minutes, press and hold the two buttons on the light simultaneously to turn on the light, then release.

How long do you keep whitening pen on your teeth?

Apply the gel to teeth and then wait 5 minutes. This will give the active ingredients enough time to dissolve into the tooth enamel. Wipe away any residual gel with a damp cloth, and give the ingredients a further 20 minutes to continue to work. After 20 minutes, you should see results!

Do you rinse off arc whitening pen?

After a thorough brushing, remove the top cap of the pen and twist the bottom of the pen until you see the gel on the brush tip. Then, apply a thin layer of whitening gel to each tooth’s surface, making sure the entire tooth’s surface is in contact with the whitening gel. Finally, don’t rinse.

How long does it take for arc whitening to work?

The ARC Teeth Whitening Kit promises to remove those stains from your teeth in just one week without having to see a dentist. The kit includes 14 whitening strips and an LED Blue Light mouthpiece.

What to do after applying teeth whitening pen?

Keep your lips pulled back and teeth visible for 1 minute after you finish applying the pen. Set a timer or count to 60 while you keep your mouth in this position. Try not to relax your mouth until you’ve waited for this amount of time. As you wait, try to avoid swallowing the serum.

Do I rinse my mouth after using a whitening pen?

The unique thing about whitening pens is they typically do not require any brushing or rinsing as part of the process. You just brush it on and go.

Can you drink water after using whitening pen?

Whitening pens work best when used immediately after ingesting stain-causing foods or drinks. Let the film dry for at least 10-15 seconds before using. You should avoid eating or drinking immediately after applying the pe.

What do I do after using teeth whitening pen?

Rinse out the whitening product with warm water.

Spit out as much of the whitening agent as you can, then swish some warm water around your teeth to dislodge any excess product. Continue spitting until there’s no longer any whitener on your teeth.

Can you swallow after using a whitening pen?

It’s perfectly safe to swallow your saliva and the serum as you use the GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Kits, Touch-Ups or Teeth Whitening Pens. If you prefer to spit it out, that’s also fine – it will not affect the treatment.

How long do I leave whitening pen on?

Leave for 30 minutes

This enables the product to take action. Once the half hour is up, give your mouth a thorough rinse. The GOGO Smile Teeth Whitening Pen can be used at any time of night or day, and whenever required.

How long do you leave whitening pen on teeth?

The treatment period for a teeth whitening pen is between 20 and 30 minutes. It is important to focus on all visible tooth surfaces, especially areas with heavy staining. You can reduce irritation by stopping the coverage short of the gum line.

Do you use whitening pen before or after brushing?

6. Do you use teeth whitening pen before or after brushing? After thoroughly brushing, take off the pen’s top cap and turn the bottom until the whitening gel is visible on the brush tip. Then, coat each tooth’s surface with a thin layer of whitening gel, making sure to cover the entire tooth’s surfac.

How long do teeth whitening pens take to work?

Whitening pens take from 2 days up to a week. They provide minimal results that are usually not long-lasting. Whitening pens are small, plastic tubes containing whitening gel that are transportable and used for spot stain removal.

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