How to make nail strips last longer?

How do you keep nail polish strips from peeling?

Use a wood cuticle stick or a metal cuticle pusher to “slice” off the excess. 3. Prevent peeling Fold the very tip of the sticker over the end of your nail to “cap” it. Covering the nail edge ensures that the end of the strip won’t peel off every time you touch something.

Should you put a top coat over nail stickers?

We definitely recommend using a topcoat to seal the deal and make your nail wraps last even longer, but we’ve found it is actually more effective a few hours after application.

What nail strips last the longest?

Best Durable: TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps

These nail polish wraps are self-adhesive, and you can directly stick them onto your nails. Apply a topcoat of clear nail polish, and they will stay put for at least two weeks.

How do you get gel nail strips to stay on?

Put on a Quality Base Coat
And, by letting it dry first, you can ensure the nail is a smooth, oil-free surface. If you try to apply the strips when your nails are still wet, they won’t adhere properly.


  1. Clean your hands.
  2. Push back the excess cuticle around the nail.
  3. Choose the right size nail sticker for your nails.
  4. Press the nail sticker evenly.
  5. Use a nail file correctly.
  6. Use a hairdryer.
  7. Applying topcoat.
  8. Clean and wash dishes with gloves as much as possible.

How do you keep nail polish stickers from peeling?

Apply a coat over the entire nail making sure to completely encapsulate the sticker. Especially the corners. This coat should be thin-ish, but not too thin. I usually dab my brush over the corners of the sticker to give it a little extra sea.

Why won’t my nail stickers stay on?

Make sure your nails are clean and dry, before applying stickers. This goes for polished and bare nails as well as gel or shellac. If your nail polish is not completely dry, the sticker may not attach properly or lift wet polish up from the nai.

How can I make my nail stickers stick better?

“Apply the sticker as close to your cuticle as possible, then use your other fingers to pat it down,” she tells Allure. “Finish by filing off any excess wrap, and then blow-dry the nails to adhere the sticker to the nail to ensure they don’t move.” For extra security, apply a top coat to seal in the sticker.

Why won’t my nail wraps stay on?

Just like with a regular polish manicure, oils on your nails could prevent the wraps from sticking. Apply a base coat. The package directions should advise you to apply a base coat to your nails. If they do not, you should do thi.

What do you put over nail stickers?

Add A Clear Top Coat

Once you’re done putting on the nail stickers, apply a top coat for a shiny finish. This step isn’t a requirement, but we recommend doing it for a long-lasting and professional-looking finish.

Should I use a base coat with nail stickers?

Basecoat Application

Apply a layer of base coat on clean and dry nails even if you are not applying any nail polish. Nail stickers do not stick well when applied to the natural nails directly. Bare nails produce oil naturally and this causes the nail sticker to fall out very quickly.

How do you make nail wraps stay on?

1- Apply a Top Coat

A coat of transparent nail polish is one of the best and easiest ways to make your nail polish strip last longer. With a clear coat of nail polish, the wraps can last for 2 weeks. The nail polish acts as a waterproof seal that covers the wrap which: Prevents the wrap from damaging.

How do you get nail stickers to lay flat?

You can use a silicone tool to do the job since it won’t cause any damage to the stickers. Its soft surface guarantees the sticker will lay flat on your nails. Once done, you now have to trim the excess stickers. Carefully trim the edges so they would fit your nails nicely.

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