How to iron without an ironing board?


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By Jen Ruiz

How do you Unwrinkle clothes without an ironing board?

By far, the easiest way to dewrinkle without an iron is to go to the laundry room and stick the wrinkly clothes inside the dryer for 5 to 15 minutes on low to medium heat. For best results, lightly mist the clothes with water so they’re slightly damp, or place a few ice cubes in the dryer along with the dry clothes.

Can I iron on top of a towel?

Cover the surface with heat-resistant fabric.

Choose a heat-resistant fabric, like linen, wool, or canvas, to do your ironing on. You could also use a thick terry cloth towel or even a flannel blanket. Avoid using delicate fabrics, like lace or rayon, which could be scorched or melted.

Do I really need an ironing board?

Do you really need an ironing board? Using an ironing board is the most practical way to iron clothes. However, having one isn’t absolutely indispensable. You can still have wrinkle-free clothes if you use a firm, smooth, and heat-resistant surface to iron your garments on.

Can you iron on bed?

A bed: You can use your bed for ironing. You won’t get the most crisp finish, since your bed is probably quite soft. But it’s convenient, and there’s no risk of damaging your wooden furniture. Just be careful you don’t leave your iron on the bedding for too long, as this might scorch the material.

What can I use if I don’t have an ironing board?

You can use a wooden or tile floor, a table, a kitchen or bathroom counter. A carpeted floor or bed can work well if you are not looking for sharp creases—for those you need a firmer surface. Whatever you choose, you must cover the surface to protect it from the heat and steam from the iron.

How do you Unwrinkle clothes ASAP?

Use your clothes dryer.

Add something moist—a couple of ice cubes or a damp towel—with your wrinkled clothes in the dryer. The moisture will turn into wrinkle-removing steam. If you’d like to add a fresh scent to this technique, dampen a couple of dryer sheets and use them instead of the towel.

How do you Unwrinkle clothes by hand?

Release wrinkles with a damp towel

This is such a simple method, but it totally works. On a flat surface, place a damp towel over the wrinkled clothing. Use your hands to press down and smooth out deep creases. Hang the item to air dr.

Can you use a towel as an ironing board?

Lay your towel or blanket down and flatten your clothing. Then, you can start ironing. It can also be helpful to have a washcloth or kitchen towel for setting the iron on. However, when ironing on a table, opt for one that is not glass.


  1. Step 1 – Collect Your Supplies. I suggest you purchase the plywood already pre-cut into the size you need.
  2. Step 2 – Stack the Materials for Diy ironing board.
  3. Step 3 – Wrap the board with Batting And fabric – 1st long edge.
  4. Step 4 – Keep Wrapping.
  5. Step 5 – corners.
  6. Step 5 – Finish Your Portable Ironing Board.

Do you really need an ironing board?

The good news? You don’t really need an ironing board to do your ironing well. As long as you have a flat surface and you’re cautious about the way you approach your clothes with your iron, you should be fine. Here’s how you can iron clothes without using an ironing board.

Can you iron on a towel?

If you don’t have an ironing blanket, a very thick cotton towel, preferably white, can be used. If your towels are not thick, stack two or three thinner towels to create a base.

Can you put an iron directly on clothes?

Delicate fabrics should not have direct contact with the iron. Lace and wool should not be ironed directly. Use a damp cloth when ironing these types of fabrics. Make sure the cloth is damp and not sopping wet.

Can I put a hot iron on a towel?

A towel: And finally, the trusted towel trick! Lay down a thick white towel to protect your surfaces. We say white so that there’s no risk of color transfer when using a high ironing heat. If you don’t have a thick towel, layer two or three regular towels.

What surfaces are safe to iron on?

Choose a heat-resistant surface like wood or tile.

Even if you cover it with fabric, the surface itself should still be heat-resistant. Choose something made from wood, tile, or metal, if possible. Avoid anything made from plastic, which could be melted from the heat of the iron. Never iron directly on the surface.

Can you iron a wet towel?

Removing clothes when they are still slightly damp will make ironing much easier. If you line-dry your clothes, bring them inside to iron when they are not quite dry. You can even iron wet or damp clothes that have recently come from the washer.

Whether you consider yourself an ironing pro or are brand new to the task, avoid these common errors:

  1. Ironing fabrics that are too dry.
  2. Saving your delicates for last.
  3. Cranking up the heat.
  4. Not using tap water.
  5. Not cleaning your iron.
  6. Storing the iron with water in it.
  7. Not updating your ironing board.

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