How to hide workout equipment?


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By Danielle Hildreth

5 Ways To Store Workout Equipment In A Small Apartment

  1. Ditch the Clunky Workout Equipment. Bulky machinery is just not feasible if you live in a smaller space.
  2. Storage Cabinets and Baskets.
  3. Storage Bench.
  4. Wall-Mounted Options.
  5. Mobile Storage Cabinet.

Where can I hide my dumbbells?

The best dumbbell storage solution is a rack or stand that keeps your dumbbells off the floor but makes it easy for you to take them out and put them away. You can use a storage rack made specifically for dumbbells or look for another rack that also enables you to store other equipment like kettlebells and plates.

How do I hide my peloton in my living room?

The Bike’s small space-friendly dimensions are just 2 feet by 4 feet, which means you only need to make slight adjustments to your home for it to fit. Some suggestions: arrange the Bike catty-corner in an alcove, replace a living room chair with the Bike or slip the Bike behind your sofa.


  1. 11 gym storage ideas to suit any workout space.
  2. Soften it up with baskets and boxes.
  3. Peg it on the wall.
  4. Make or buy a yoga mat rack.
  5. Organize your gym in a closet.
  6. Use your gym gear as decor.
  7. Or splash out on smart home gym equipment.
  8. Get nostalgic with classic locker room style storage.

How can I hide my exercise bike in my living room?

She recommended an upholstered barrier, to completely hide the bike. If equipment will be on display, design above it, she advised. “Use a few large art pieces or a full gallery wall to distract the eye to look behind the bike instead of directly at it.”Join Bicycling now for more great workout tips!

  • Use a hand towel as a slider.
  • Use laundry detergent as a kettlebell.
  • Use a folding chair as a bench for triceps dips.
  • Use a backpack as a weighted vest.
  • Use a couch cushion as a BOSU.
  • Use a bike pump for triceps strength.
  • Use rope as a suspension trainer.

Where should I put gym equipment in my home?

A spare bedroom is an ideal spot for creating a home gym! Extra closets can be used for storage, and repurposed dressers or bookshelves can hold items like balance balls, extra towels, free weights, and much more! Plus, a bedroom will have a door for extra privacy.

4 Tips for a Quiet Apartment Workout That Doesn’t Bother Your

  1. Skip Jumping and Running Exercises.
  2. Invest in a Light Set of Free Weights.
  3. Learn New Cardio Techniques.
  4. Try Body Weight and Isometric Exercises.

10 Small-Space Home Gym Hacks for Your Tiny Apartment

  1. Exercise Organization. Set up Exercise HQ with a big white board and a place to keep your workout routines.
  2. Make a Wall of Mirrors.
  3. Vertical Storage.
  4. Corner Gym.
  5. Hidden Gym.
  6. DIY Yoga Mat Rack.
  7. Separate Storage.
  8. DIY Workout Barre.

Is it okay to workout in an apartment?

Cardio doesn’t have to mean getting on a treadmill or exercise bike for long periods of time. Cardio-based bodyweight exercises, such as lunges, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, tuck jumps, and burpees can be done in your apartment without any equipment, but they definitely get your heart racing.

Breaking down the at-home exercises

  1. Plank. Share on Pinterest. Time: 30 to 60 seconds.
  2. Air squat. Share on Pinterest. Reps: 15.
  3. Triceps dip. Share on Pinterest. Reps: 15.
  4. Lunge with hold. Reps: 10 per leg.
  5. Superman. Share on Pinterest.
  6. Russian twist. Reps: 15 per side.
  7. Glute bridge. Share on Pinterest.
  8. Wall sit. Time: 30 to 60 seconds.

How to make your quiet workouts effective

  1. Push: Push-ups.
  2. Pull: Inverted rows (best completed with a suspension trainer at home, or improvise with a towel and workout buddy!)
  3. Squat: Squats (add weights to increase the difficulty)
  4. Hinge: Deadlifts.
  5. Lunge: Static lunges, reverse lunges, forward lunges, curtsy lunges.

How can I exercise when I live in an apartment?

Jumping jacks, sprints, and even lunges are often too noisy for apartment life, especially late at night. Sticking with slow and deliberate movements like Pilates, yoga, and mild weightlifting can burn calories without much sound.

Can you lift weights in an apartment?

You can weight lift in an apartment; however, you may need to seek permission from your landlord or facilities manager. There may be restrictions in your contract, or limitations on how much weight you could bring into your apartment.

Clear some space at a wall and slide on down until your hips, knees, and ankles make a 90-degree angle, now hold. Yes, it’s going to burn the lower body!

  1. Hip thrusts.
  2. Glute bridges.
  3. Crunches.
  4. Sit-ups.
  5. Hollow body holds.
  6. Planks.
  7. Front raises.
  8. Lateral raises.

How do you work out in an upstairs apartment?

One of the best ways to reduce impact noise is to use a dampening material like a sound proof exercise mat. These mats use materials like PVC, rubber, or naturally-occurring fibers. All work on the same principle. Their texture absorbs the energy of the impact hitting the floor, and reduces impact noise.

How Your Apartment Can Help You Lose Weight

  1. Take the stairs.
  2. Use the fitness center.
  3. Walk laps around your building.
  4. Stock your cabinets with healthy food.
  5. Do some at-home exercises.

Here are our top 10 cardio workouts for apartment-sized living areas.

  1. Warm Up – Mountain Climbers.
  2. Warm Up – Jumping Jacks.
  3. Warm Up – Butt Kicker.
  4. Warm Up – Jog in Place.
  5. Lower Body – Lunges.
  6. Glutes – Body Weight Squats.
  7. Core – Planks.
  8. Obliques – Side Planks.

How can I exercise at home without making noise?

Aside from making quieter alterations to your workouts, you can also dampen noise through some padding on your floor. Clayton recommends investing in a thick yoga mat to absorb some of the force of louder movements, and to work out in socks rather than clunky sneakers.

How can I exercise in a small apartment?

‘No Space’ Exercises 💪

The movements that are ideal for small spaces include Push-Ups, Dips, Squats, Lunges, Crunches, Leg Raises, Sit-Ups, High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climber, and Burpees. You name it, calisthenics has it, and uses it regularly to help athletes master movement.

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