How to get rid of matted rabbit fur?


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By Jan Reisen

How do you fix a matted rabbit?

Using a clipper head that is designed for the fine fur of a rabbit is the safest way to remove severe mats painlessly. If your rabbit is too matted, it may be best to have it clipped by a professional. In many cases, vets can provide this service or refer them to an experienced rabbit groomer.

How do you brush mats out?

Use a slicker brush to break up the mat. A slicker brush has wire bristles that are slightly bent at the ends. Never let the bristles touch your dog’s skin. To avoid this, be sure to brush the mat as you hold it in your hand.

Can I pull my rabbits fur?

You don’t want them pulling out their own fur because not only could they injure their delicate skin, but they are also likely to ingest some fur which could become lodged in their digestive tract (Click here to read about GI Stasis in rabbits).

Why is my rabbits fur sticking together?

Rabbits can be prone to pulling their fur out in clumps. This is a warning sign of stress, boredom or ill health. A rabbit constantly molting is also not a good sign. They should only shed their fur roughly every three months.

How do you get rid of matted hair on rabbits?

If your rabbit has any matted fur and you cannot gently brush the matt out, try untangling with your fingers, but be very careful not to tug on the fur as that can be uncomfortable for your rabbit and may even cause injury to his skin. If this doesn’t work, you may need to cut the matt out.

Can I cut my rabbits matted fur?

This hair is especially vulnerable to mats and tangles. You can use either scissors or electric small animal clippers to trim your rabbit’s hair. Be very careful, however, because rabbits’ skin is very delicate and you can easily cause a serious injury if you cut them with the scissors or clippers.

Can you shave a rabbit’s fur?

Their coats need daily grooming and maintenance to avoid the health risks mentioned earlier. Woolly and long-haired rabbit breeds can also be trimmed or “clipped” to help maintain the length of their coat. Sometimes shearing is required, although this does not constitute “shaving”.

Can I pull out my rabbits hair?

Rabbits shed in different ways: Some take a couple of weeks or more to lose their old coat, while others shed their old coat in a few days. Much of the hair can often be removed by gently plucking it out with your fingers. Fine-toothed flea combs made for cats work very well to comb out loose rabbit hair.

You simply take a damp washcloth and work out any stains or dirt from your rabbit’s fur. It’s okay to use a little bit of soap to help if it’s a tough spot to clean.

  1. First, take the washcloth or rag and get it wet.
  2. Rub the dirty fur on your rabbit.
  3. If necessary, dry off your rabbit’s fur.

Does plucking hurt rabbits?

When you “pluck” the rabbit, you are simply running your fingers through their coat and collecting the loose hairs. You might use a little “plucking” motion to separate the molted fur from the newly growing fur but you should never be pulling fur out of the skin. It should not hurt the rabbit at all.

Do it hurt when rabbits pull their fur out?

Pulling out their own fur, or that of another rabbit, often puzzles owners. It looks painful and can leave unsightly skin exposure. These actions suggest that your rabbit is under duress. Rabbits pull out fur due to stress, boredom, and skin irritation.

What does it mean when rabbits pull out their fur?

Rabbits will fur pull if their skin is irritated by flea, mite or tick infestation. Dermatitis and allergies can also cause barbering. Rabbits who lack fibre in their diet will fur pull as fibre modulates normal gut movement. Feeding a diet made up of 80% hay or grass will prevent this.

What happens when rabbits pull out their fur?

A common reason for fur pulling is the instinct to make a nest. When a rabbit is preparing for kits, her body secretes hormones that cause the fur on her sides & belly to loosen. This makes it easier for her to pull the fur out and pile it in a nest.

Is it normal for rabbits to rip out their fur?

As a rabbit owner, you may be worried if you see your bunny pulling out her own fur. However, fur pulling or plucking is usually a normal behaviour, predominantly seen in female rabbits.

How do I stop my rabbit from pulling out his fur?

However, if you notice your bunny pulling out excessive amounts of hair or giving herself bald patches, then she may be overgrooming. This is often a sign of boredom, which can be remedied by providing more stimulation. Buy her some new toys and make sure you interact with her frequently.

How long after pulling fur does a rabbit give birth?

If your rabbit is nesting, it will most likely give birth within a week, and if your rabbit begins to pull its fur out, anticipate that the babies will be born within the next day or two. Most rabbits give birth at night, so be prepared to wake up to a litter of rabbits.

Why is my bunny biting her hair off?

This behavior is also known as barbering. It can be self-inflicted, or directed to another rabbit. Rabbits may bite their fur off because they are stressed, as a nesting behavior, or due to a lack of fiber. But, it could also be a sign that you aren’t grooming them enough, or that they have parasites.

Why is my rabbit pulling her fur out not pregnant?

Rabbits pull out fur due to stress, boredom, and skin irritation. Pregnant rabbits use their fur to build a nest for their young. If one rabbit barbers another rabbit, it’s typically a sign of dominance. Observe your pet’s behavior, and find out why they’re behaving this way.

Why do rabbits pull out each other’s fur?

When there is more than one rabbit, they may pull at each other’s fur because of dominance or boredom. Often the dominant animal will pull the fur off the submissive animal.

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