How to get rabbit to drink water?


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By Jan Reisen

How to Get Your Rabbit to Drink More Water

  1. Let them choose their water source.
  2. Provide Clean Water in a Clean Bowl/Water.
  3. Leave Water on Their Daily Greens.
  4. Put Fragrant Greens in their Water Bowl.
  5. Add a Few Drops of Unsweetened Juice.
  6. Use Bottled or Filtered Water.
  7. Serve Water at Room Temperature.

How do I know if my rabbit is dehydrated?

Your rabbit may be dehydrated if you see any of these problems: thick sticky saliva, crusty eyes, poor appetite, small amounts of dark colored urine, or hard dry fecal pellets. In order to correct dehydration, extra water must be given to your rabbit. Sometimes this can be done by helping the rabbit drink.

Should I force my bunny to drink water?

Without regular access to fresh drinking water, her health will suffer. Going for 24 hours without drinking water will be fatal for most rabbits. Not drinking can lead to complete organ failure. Take action at the first warning signs of dehydration, especially during the summer.

How long can rabbits go without water?

Rabbits cannot go long without water. A human being can live without liquids for around three to four days, and rabbits can survive without water for about a day. On certain occasions, a bunny may be able to live more than 24 hours without drinking, but anything over this time limit would cause severe health damage.

What to do if your bunny doesn’t drink water?

The first step is to visit your veterinarian to determine if there is a medical condition present. If your rabbit needs water but is not taking it in, your veterinarian will quickly determine if your rabbit is dehydrated. If your rabbit is dehydrated, something is preventing him or her from drinking.

How do you rehydrate a rabbit?

In order to correct dehydration, extra water must be given to your rabbit. Sometimes this can be done by helping the rabbit drink. Some rabbits need to have fluids given by other methods, either by subcutaneous fluids, intravenous fluids, or intraosseous fluids.

How long can Bunnies go without drinking water?

A rabbit in good health may be able to go without water for up to 24 hours, although rabbits should be drinking several times a day. Factors like temperature, age, and activity levels will influence this time. In hot weather, for instance, your rabbit cannot go even a few hours safely without drinking water.

How do you rehydrate a rabbit at home?

If you think your rabbit is dehydrated, try to syringe a little water into their mouth to encourage them to drink again. Try to feed them some water based vegetables or a little fruit, but only foods they are used to, as you don’t want to upset their stomachs.

In those cases a water bottle is a good option.

  1. Give your rabbit a bowl and a bottle.
  2. Leave water on their daily greens.
  3. Add a few drops of unsweetened fruit juice.
  4. Give your rabbit fresh water multiple times a day.
  5. Add fragrant herbs to the water bowl.
  6. Avoid warm water.
  7. Try purified or bottled water.

Can rabbits drink anything else but water?

Banned Drinks For Bunnies

Additionally, it’s known that rabbits shouldn’t consume a lot of sugars, salts, or fats. When you think about it, that eliminates all drinks except water.

How often should rabbit drink water?

Your rabbits can miss a feeding sometimes, but should have a good fresh supply of water every day. In fact, if you don’t give your rabbits drinking water for even one day, they could die. Rabbits often consume two to three times more water than feed. This may change if you give your rabbits a new type of feed.

Can you force a rabbit to drink water?

You can trick your rabbit into having better hydration. You could even use leaves of lettuce to scoop up some water so your rabbit drinks more when they are eating. Whatever water is leftover at the bottom of the bowl of leafy greens might be more appealing to your rabbit too.

How can I encourage my rabbit to drink water?

Rabbits must have access to plenty of fresh water at all times. Rabbits eating lots of fresh grass and greens will drink less, whilst those eating mostly hay will drink more. Bowls are better than bottles as lapping from a bowl is more natural to rabbits.

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