How to brush a dog’s teeth who hates it?


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By Jan Reisen

What do I do if my dog won’t let me brush his teeth?

Lose the Toothbrush

Don’t start with a toothbrush. For a few days to a week, simply accustom your dog to the idea of your finger(s) in his or her mouth. Lift the dog’s lip and praise him for allowing you to do so. Don’t do this when the dog is sleeping or just finished eating.


  1. DOG DENTAL WIPES. Dog teeth cleaning wipes are a much easier way to clean your dog’s teeth in comparison to brushing.
  2. BONES.

The Slow and Steady Method

  1. Massage lips. While you are petting your dog, slowly move your hand around his mouth, massage lips, and then slip a finger in his mouth to rub his gums.
  2. Insert a finger in mouth.
  3. Massage with gauze wrapped finger.
  4. Introduce flavored toothpaste.
  5. Introduce toothbrush.

How To Train Your Pet To Get Their Teeth Brushed

  1. Establish Reward and Release Cues.
  2. Train the Sit Stay Command.
  3. Familiarize Your Pet with the Oral Care Supplies.
  4. Establish a Solid Brushing Schedule.
  5. Work Without a Brush at First.
  6. Break Up Brushing Sessions.
  7. Offer the Most Delicious Treats and Ample Praise.

What To Do

  1. Step 1 Have your pup sit with you and let him or her see, sniff and lick the toothbrush.
  2. Step 2 Bring out the high quality treat and let your pup bite down on it.
  3. Step 3 Once your pup puts a death grip on the treat, start brushing!
  4. Step 4 Even if you can only brush for 10 seconds, congratulations!

How can I calm my dog down to brush his teeth?

Take it Slow. Most dogs are not accustomed to their mouths being touched, so it will take some time to get them used to the sensation. Start by simply touching the outside of their mouth, and ease into touching teeth and gums with just your finger. If your dog resists, take a break and try again later.

If at anytime, your dog refuses to open his mouth, go back to steps 1-5 for several training sessions.

  1. Using your index finger, touch the side of your dog’s muzzle.
  2. Lift the corner of your dog’s lip.
  3. Lift the other corner of his lip.
  4. Place your index finger in his mouth.
  5. Pull back his lips for a second.

How to Brush a Dog that Hates Being Brushed

  1. Create a relaxing environment for your brushing adventure.
  2. Always start by giving your pooch a treat.
  3. Start by brushing one small section at a time.
  4. Try short brushing sessions.
  5. Be patient as you brush them and constantly compliment them.

How do I get my stubborn dog to brush his teeth?

Begin by having your dog sit still for a few seconds, then giving her a treat. Then raise her gums on the left side and give her another treat. Then rub your dog’s gums with your fingers, and—you guessed it—give her another treat. Move slowly like this until your dog begins to pull away or seems nervous.

Is it OK if I don’t brush my dog’s teeth?

Without brushing, plaque can build up, putting your dog at risk for bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. It can also cause painful infections. Severe infection can spread, causing life-threatening conditions.

Can a dog’s teeth be cleaned without being put to sleep?

You can have your pet’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia whether they’re young and healthy or have health issues. Non-anesthetic dental cleanings complement anesthetic dental procedures and are primarily recommended as prevention and maintenance.

Is there an alternative to brushing dogs teeth?

Gels or Sprays

Another, less favourable, alternative to brushing is a dental spray or gel. They contain ingredients which will slow down and discourage the growth of bacterias that cause a buildup of tartar.

What breaks down tartar on dog’s teeth?

Products that Reduce or Remove Dog Plaque & Tartar

Oral home care products that may remove plaque include dental treats, dental wipes, pet-specific toothpaste, or gels used in tooth brushing. Tooth brushing is considered the gold standard in oral home care.

7 Easy Ways To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

  1. Dog Chews. The road to a healthier mouth doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or boring.
  2. Chew Toys. Chew toys work similarly to dog chews.
  3. Oral Spray And Gels.
  4. Dental Wipes.
  5. Cloth Wipes.
  6. Dental Treats.
  7. Dog Bones.
  8. Coconut Oil.

Can you remove a vicious dogs teeth?

Extracting the rostral teeth can be performed to prevent injurious biting; however pet to pet aggression and biting can sometimes be controlled by shortening the crowns of canine teeth and performing endodontic treatment. Additionally, odontoplasty and dentinal bonding can be performed to blunt the incisor teeth.

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