How often do corn snakes shed?


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By Austin Cannon

How long does it take a corn snake to shed?

The complete shedding process can take between one to two weeks. Whilst it can be tempting to intervene and help snakes shed, the best thing you can do is leave them be. Snakes become easily stressed when shedding, so avoid handling during this time and just visually check their progress.

How do I know when my corn snake is about to shed?

Indications that your snake is about to shed usually include a loss of appetite, lack of interaction, spending time in its hide or water bowl, milky coloured eyes and dull skin. Ignore any Abnormalities. Most signs of illness will be visible on the snake’s skin. Scales are fundamental to reptiles’ every movement.

Why is my corn snake shedding so often?

Two of the most commonly seen reasons include malnutrition and humidity levels being too high or too low for the species of snake. One of the main reasons snakes shed their skin is to remove any parasites or collected bacteria.

How often should baby corn snake shed?

Hatchling corn snakes will shed their first skin after approximately 7 days. As they grow larger, they’ll shed once every few months. The time between each shed will increase as they get bigger in size.

How long after blue phase does corn snake shed?

Final Phase

After around two to four days of being stuck in the blue phase, your snake’s skin and eyes will begin returning to normal. Don’t worry — you didn’t miss the shedding of his skin. He’s simply entered the final phase before that old skin sloughs off.

How often do pet corn snakes shed?

Like any other reptile, corn snakes shed their skin regularly as they grow and age. Hatchling and juvenile corn snakes can be expected to shed every 4-6 weeks, but adults only shed every 3 months or so.

What does a corn snake look like before shedding?

The snake’s eyes will cloud up and become bluish. The skin color will also darken. Then, the snake’s eyes and skin will clear up. Within a few days, the snake will shed its skin.

What do snakes look like before they shed?

Before a snake sheds its skin, it begins to look somewhat bluish in color and its eyes look opaque or clouded over, because the newly formed skin will cover its eyes, according to Washington State University’s Ask Dr.

Will a corn snake eat while shedding?

Feeding corn snakes when shedding

Pending shed is also another popular food strike cause. A snake will often hide away during this period which can last a couple of weeks. And it’s certainly not uncommon for a corn snake to refuse food. Many will not care if they are about to shed or not, and still eat regardless.

Signs That Your Snake Is About to Shed

  1. Its eyes turn a cloudy, bluish color.
  2. The old skin begins to look dull or hazy.
  3. Your pet may hide more than usual.
  4. Its appetite may decrease, or it may not want to eat at all.
  5. It may become more skittish or defensive, especially when it can’t see well.

Why does it take so long for my snake to shed?

If your snake does not shed in one complete piece, he or she may require some extra help to remove skin that has gotten stuck. Incomplete shedding can be caused by incorrect temperature and humidity regulation, skin conditions, or handling during the shedding process.

How do I help my corn snake shed?

Provide cage accessories, such as clean driftwood or rocks, to help your snake rub off its old skin. Just make sure they’re relatively smooth and have no sharp edges. Ensure that your pet’s enclosure is humid and provide a shallow dish of water where your snake can soak itself.

Why hasn’t my corn snake shed yet?

As a snake is growing it will shed more than it will after it reaches maturity. If the snake has had signs of shedding such as dulled scales and cloudy eyes and definitely hasn’t shed then making sure the humidity is correct and the snake is drinking and eating correctly should help.

How long does the shedding process take?

Shedding usually takes about one to two weeks. Although this is a completely natural process, there are certain steps that you must take to care for a shedding snake.

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