How much is a gargoyle gecko?


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By Austin Cannon

Is a gargoyle gecko a good pet?

Gargoyle geckos are ideal reptile pets for beginners, with simple, easy- to-meet requirements. Because gargoyle geckos are primarily tree dwelling, they make outstanding displays in naturalistic vivariums.

Are gargoyle geckos rare?

The Gargoyle Gecko (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) is a rare species found only on a small island off Australia. This gecko gets its name from large bumps on the head that looks like horns.

Do gargoyle gecko bites hurt?

Bites from gargoyle geckos don’t typically hurt. When a gargoyle gecko bites, it’s usually just a quick nip—they do not hold on. You may feel a pinch due to their teeth, but in my experience any pain is very minor, subsides almost instantly, and their bites rarely break the skin.

Can gargoyle geckos live in a 12x12x18?

This Exo Terra 12x12x18 Glass Terrarium is ideal for housing a young gargoyle gecko. A screen top provides adequate ventilation for the animal, while insuring that it does not escape, or other pets/children do not easily get in to the habitat.

Are gargoyle geckos friendly?

Gargoyle Gecko Behavior and Temperament

The gargoyle gecko is known for its friendly nature. They adapt well to life as a pet and should live long, healthy lives assuming they are receiving proper care and having their basic needs m.

Are gargoyle geckos good for handling?

They derive their name, gargoyle, from the bumps on their head that resemble horns, much like the gargoyles that used to protect cathedrals and old churches. Despite their fearsome appearance and name, they are docile geckos and make great pets especially when they are handled gently and well taken care of.

Are gargoyle geckos hard to take care of?

Gargoyle geckos are generally 6-8” long, with a 15-20 year lifespan with good care. Their general hardiness, simple care, and manageable size makes them a popular choice among first-time reptile owners.

What is the friendliest pet gecko?

Leopard Gecko

The leopard gecko is a popular choice for most beginner lizard owners due to their slow, docile attitude and simple, low-maintenance care needs.

Do gargoyle geckos like being handled?

For this reason it’s extremely important to supplement the diet with powdered calcium, which can be purchased at most pet stores. As gargoyle geckos mature, they become quite docile if gently handled on a regular basis during their first three years of life.

Are gargoyle geckos aggressive?

Gargoyle geckos can be very aggressive towards each other, so it’s important to only house them together if there are no signs of aggression. You might spend a couple years raising up geckos to find that they don’t like each other, so always be prepared to house breeding animals separately if problems arise.

Can gargoyle geckos be handled?

Newly purchased gargoyle geckos should not be handled, but first allowed to settle in for three to four weeks to let them adjust to their new environment and to make sure they regularly feed. When you start handling your gargoyle gecko, make handling sessions short, no more than five minutes.

How often should I hold my gargoyle gecko?

Once your garg is consistently calm during handling, you can gradually extend the handling sessions to 15 minutes every day. Even when perfectly tamed, try not to have him/her out for more than 20 minutes/day.

Do gargoyle geckos like being pet?

Though they will tolerate handling, be sure the first handling sessions are short with a day or two in between to give your reptile the time and space to learn to trust you. Though they are usually rather docile, the gargoyle gecko can exhibit territorial behavior when housed with other geckos.

Do gargoyle geckos like to be pet?

You’ll also want to observe your gecko for how it reacts to handling, as most gargoyle geckos will take time and patience to adapt to being handled by a human (and even then most will only tolerate it sporadically and for short periods of time).

Do gargoyle geckos make good pets?

Named for the horn-like bumps on their head, gargoyle geckos make great pets that are both fun to look at and also super easy for reptile beginners. Gargoyle gecko care is quite simple, and they are widely available to purchase because they’re known to thrive in captivity.

Is it better to get a male or female gargoyle gecko?

They should not live with other males – instead, it’s best to house a male-female pair together. You’ll want to collect a variety of different materials for the gargoyle geckos to climb on and rest inside.

What is the easiest gecko to have as a pet?

Leopard geckos are easy to care for, making making them one of the best pet lizards for beginners and children over the age of 8. With an average length of 9 inches, leopard geckos are easy to handle and have a gentle disposition. They come in a multitude of colors, patterns and eye colors—even red.

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