Dog food for blue tongue skink?


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By Austin Cannon

What kind of dog food can blue tongue skinks eat?

Can blue tongue skinks eat dog food? Actually, yes! Super premium dog food can be a healthy source of protein and some vegetables for your pet skink. Look for natural ingredients with lean meat like chicken, and be sure to moisten any dry food before placing it in his or her enclosure.

What is the best food for a blue tongue skink?

Adult, Blue-tongued skinks can be fed every one to two days, while juveniles can be fed daily. The bulk of the diet (45-60%) should consist of greens. Feed dark, leafy greens such as mustard greens, kale, dandelion, endive, romaine, beet tops, bok choy, and collard greens.

What kind of cat food can blue tongue skinks eat?

Some brands I recommend are Merrick (which i use personally, my skink LOVES it and i can easily mix in just a little bit with a bunch of greens and such. I’ve also used Holistic Select which is good. Other’s have said Blue Buffalo is a good brand too. Ones like Purina, Iams, Pedigree, etc.

What should I feed my Blue tongue lizard?

Bluetongues are omnivores and should be offered a variety of foods such as insects e.g. crickets, worms, snails and slugs. They will eat a range of chopped fruits and vegetables including dandelion, milk thistle, watercress, banana, apple, pawpaw, pear, green beans, carrots, alfafa sprouts, parsley and tomato.Blue tongue skinks are omnivorous, meaning that they need to eat both plant and animal matter to get the right nutrition.

  • Carnivora*
  • Primal*
  • Raw Bistro*
  • TruDog*
  • Castor & Pollux.
  • Darwin’s.
  • Halo (avoid their vegan formula)
  • Zignature.

Can Blue tongues eat dog food?

Blue-tongues can also be fed small amounts of tinned dog food (beef or chicken) with added calcium powder as well as boiled egg. Fruits and vegetables that can be offered include apple, pear, melons, pitted stone fruits, berries, banana, squash, carrot, endive and kale.

What dog food can blue tongue skinks eat?

Canned Cat/Dog Food

Make sure to use canned food rather than kibble (although kibble is alright occasionally if water is added), and avoid formulas containing artificial colors/flavors or fish. Grain is fine as long as the formula is high-quality and not too high in carbohydrates.

Why do skinks eat dog food?

In addition to meat and animal by-products, dog food also contains some vegetables and fruits, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, providing a variety of flavors and nutrition for your skink.

What meats can blue tongue skinks eat?

It is better to use the recommended foods for them, such as gut-loaded insects like dubia roaches and superworms, you can also offer them canned dog food as a treat once every couple of weeks. Instead of raw meat, you can use cooked meats such as lean beef, ground turkey, chicken, duck, or venison.

What can you not feed a Blue tongue lizard?

Items such as avocado, onion, eggplant, rhubarb, buttercups, potatoes and tulips are all considered toxic, therefore should be avoided at all costs.

What is toxic to blue tongue skinks?

Toxic food for Blue-tongued skinks

Items such as avocado, onion, eggplant, rhubarb, buttercups, potatoes and tulips are all considered toxic, therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Can lizards eat dog food?

Some omnivorous lizards may eat clover, dandelion, mulberry leaves, milk thistle, watercress, chopped fruits and vegetables (such as banana, apple, pawpaw, pear, lettuce & tomato. This is in addition to snails, slugs & mealworms. You can offer small amounts of moistened dog dry food and canned dog food.

What do you feed a skink?

Skinks, particularly juveniles, will also eat a variety of prey items including crickets, mealworms, kingworms, snails and pinky mice. Waxworms should only be offered as an occasional treat, because these insects are high in fat. Low fat dog or cat food may also be offered as an occasional protein source.

Can reptiles eat dog food?

Certain reptiles can do very well on a diet of high quality wet dog food as well, such as tegus and blue tongue skinks. However, feeding dog food to a bearded dragon is strongly not recommended and will likely shorten its lifespan.

Can pink tongue skinks eat dog food?

Fortunately, captive pink-tongued skinks will usually feed quite readily on more easily available food items. In captivity, this species will eat a variety of foods including, but not limited to, earthworms, waxworms, mealworms, bananas, mice, cat food, dog food, chicken and beef.

Can skinks eat cat food?

As skinks are omnivores, you can also offer them fresh vegetables that are found safe for them to eat as well. Cat and dog food can be fed to your skink as a healthy addition to their die.

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