Does wood therapy work for cellulite?

Does wood therapy break down fat?

HOW DOES WOOD THERAPY WORK. The massage therapist works the desired body area intensely with the wooden tools, adds pressure which promotes the breakdown of fat and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins through the lymphatic system. This is just one of the many tools they us.

Can massage break up cellulite?

Massage isn’t a cure for cellulite but it might temporarily improve skin’s appearance and make cellulite less noticeable. Massage does have many health benefits so it may be worth adding to your wellness regimen.

How long does it take for wood therapy to work?

To achieve any benefit, you may be required to have treatments done several times a week over 3 to 4 months. Some practitioners indicate that at least 10 to 12 sessions will be required before you can see any results.

Does wood therapy help shape your body?

Moreover, wood therapy can also contour and tighten areas on your body while helping to reduce cellulite. And it all happens while using only wooden instruments and absolutely no scalpels or lasers.

How do you feel after wood therapy?

The wood therapy is a intense type of massage and may leave you feeling like you just had a workout, and the ice therapy is definitely cold, but you should not feel any pain, only mild discomfort at certain points of the treatment. Some people with sensitive skin may bruise from wood therapy.

How many times a week can I do wood therapy?

A practitioner will use the bells as suction devices. To achieve any benefit, you may be required to have treatments done several times a week over 3 to 4 months. Some practitioners indicate that at least 10 to 12 sessions will be required before you can see any results.

How long does wood therapy results last?

The more consistent you are with it, the more noticeable and longer-lasting the effects will be. However, the results that you experience will usually stick around for about three months after your last session which is great.

How often should you do body sculpting?

To see maximum results a course of 8 treatments is recommended, per body area. These treatments should be done twice per week at regular intervals.

How long does wood therapy treatment last?

Are its Results Permanent? Wood therapy tends to be more effective when used as a continuous treatment just like how massages work. By that, we mean that the more consistent you are, the more desirable results you will get and the longer they will last. That said, the results you get will last for two to three months.

You can help maintain your results and keep excess fat off with these five tips.

  1. Drinking Lots of Water. Our body requires water to stay hydrated and perform well.
  2. Staying Away From Bad Fats.
  3. Trying High-Intensity Interval Training Workouts.
  4. Trying Metabolism Boosters.
  5. Getting Enough Sleep.

How long do the effects of body sculpting last?

Body Sculpting provides long-term results that last anywhere from five to ten years. It is a 30-minute process that reduces fat and tones areas such as the stomach, buttocks, calves, thighs, and arms.

Our Top 3 Tips to Maximize Your Body Sculpting Results

  1. Continue with a consistent diet and workout regimen that fits your lifestyle.
  2. Drink more water than you think you need.
  3. Enjoy activities that keep you moving.

How often should you go for body sculpting?

For most patients, 2 to 4 sessions spaced about 3 days apart in the span of two weeks is usually enough to sculpt the body into the exact shape you want.

What not to do after body sculpting?

Do NOT have a hot shower (warm is ok), spa, or sauna straight after treatment. After your session, Follow a fat free, low starch, low sugar diet for best results.

What happens after body sculpting?

Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity, and sensation of fullness in the back of the throat after submental or submandibular area treatment.

How long does it take for body sculpting to show results?

While you may notice some changes in your body contour within six to eight weeks, it takes approximately 10-12 weeks to enjoy optimal results from SculpSure, CoolSculpting, Vaser Shape and Venus Freeze.

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