Can you use azelaic acid with vitamin c?

What should you not mix with azelaic acid?

Layering azelaic acid with Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), such as salicylic acid, is not recommended because both BHAs and AHAs can cause dryness and irritation.

Does azelaic acid go before vitamin C?

Yes, many skincare experts suggest applying vitamin C before azelaic acid. Depending on your skin type this may mean firstly applying a vitamin C enriched serum, waiting 10 minutes, and then applying an azelaic acid product.

Do azelaic acid and vitamin C do the same thing?

Both ingredients improve all skin types in multiple way—and it’s fine to use both at the same time! Azelaic acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) both address uneven skin tone concerns. Both are also great antioxidants, although vitamin C is considered a “resident” antioxidant since it’s naturally present in skin.

What can I pair azelaic acid with vitamin C?

As such when using vitamin C and azelaic acid together, the former always comes before the latter. You can equally opt to alternate between both in your morning and night routine. For example, In the morning, apply your vitamin C serum after your toner. Then switch Vitamin C for azelaic acid at nigh.

What should you not use with azelaic acid?

However, some dermatologists caution against combining azelaic acid with salicylic acid or other beta-hydroxy acids because it may cause excessive dryness and irritation. For those who have oily or combination skin, treating your acne with azelaic and salicylic acid can be particularly effective.

What does azelaic acid mix well with?

Azelaic acid plays well with others and can be used on its own or with other products and ingredients, such as hydroxy acids, retinoids, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, benzoyl peroxide and antioxidants like vitamin C.

Can you use vitamin C and azelaic acid together?

Yes, a combination of azelaic acid and vitamin C can offer a variety of benefits for your skincare routine. In fact, using vitamin C and azelaic acid together can be an excellent, pregnancy-safe alternative to traditional retinol and retinoids.

Can I use niacinamide with azelaic acid?

Yes, you can mix niacinamide and azelaic acid together—these ingredients enhance each other’s benefits (and one doesn’t deactivate the other). Do I use niacinamide before or after azelaic acid? For best results, use the Niacinamide Booster before the Azelaic Acid Booster.

What can I combine with azelaic acid?

To help the azelaic acid absorb and perform even more effectively, Fusco recommends applying your AHA (like glycolic or lactic acid), BHA (salicylic acid), or retinol first to open up the skin and accept the azelaic acid more readily.

What do you put on your face after azelaic acid?

To achieve all the benefits of azelaic acid, however, you might apply moisturizer 10 to 20 minutes after applying azelaic acid depending on consistency to give it a bit more time to absorb into your skin.

Should you moisturise after azelaic acid?

For the most part, your Azelaic Acid will usually come before your moisturizer, whether you use a cream moisturizer or moisturizing face oil. That’s because your skincare routine should follow the basic rule of applying your thinnest product first and working toward your thickest.

Should azelaic acid be applied all over the face?

If you’re using azelaic acid as a spot treatment, don’t apply it all over the face. This is because you’ll risk fading the skin in unnecessary areas.

What should I avoid when using azelaic acid?

Avoid using alcoholic cleansers, tinctures and astringents, or abrasives and peeling agents with the foam or gel to prevent extra skin irritation. Avoid eating spicy foods, thermally hot foods and drinks (eg, hot coffee, tea), and alcoholic beverages while you are using the gel.

What Moisturiser to use with azelaic acid?

Ideally you should apply niacinamide before azelaic acid as this will ensure the skin is hydrated and more absorbent. This will help the acid to penetrate the lower layers whilst avoiding any unwanted skin irritation, such as dryness, itching, redness, and rashes on the skin.

How long do you leave azelaic acid on?

You should also wait about 15 minutes for the product to absorb to avoid smearing. This is especially important if you’re using it as a spot treatment to fade darker areas. If you’re using azelaic acid as a spot treatment, don’t apply it all over the face.

When should I use azelaic acid in my routine?

Whether you’re using an OTC formula or a prescription, Gerstner suggests applying a thin layer of the product to clean, dry skin twice a day, morning and night. For someone with sensitive skin, she recommends using it once every other day.

Can I mix moisturizer with azelaic acid?

And like any other skin care ingredients, azelaic acid should be paired with a gentle cleanser as well as a good moisturizer and sunscreen every morning.

Can I apply Moisturiser after azelaic acid?

One clinical study has actually shown that moisturizers do not cause a major change in the skin absorption of azelaic acid, and can be applied either before or after azelaic acid. In short, there’s probably no need to worry about whether you should apply azelaic acid before or after moisturizing.

When should azelaic acid be used in routine?

Azelaic acid can be used 1-2 times per day, but you should start by using it once a day at night, Witt said — if your skin tolerates it well for a few weeks, you can start using it twice a day.

Can you mix azelaic acid with moisturizer?

Yes, you absolutely can! The beauty of niacinamide is the fact that it carries the same humectant benefits of hyaluronic acid as well as some additional benefits of its own, such as its ability to refine the pores and strengthen the skin barrier.

How long should you let azelaic acid absorb?

You should also wait about 15 minutes for the product to absorb to avoid smearing. This is especially important if you’re using it as a spot treatment to fade darker areas.Azelaic Acid Products in India

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