Can guinea pigs eat fresh grass instead of hay?


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By Jan Reisen

Is fresh grass better than hay for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs like to chew on hay all day long, around the clock, so it’s essential that you provide them with a constant supply of clean, fresh hay. Fresh grass is less important, but contains several important vitamins and minerals, and so is an excellent addition to their diet when available.

Do guinea pigs need hay if they have fresh grass?

They should have fresh grass as often as possible too, ideally every day. They naturally graze, eating only grass, herbs and some other plants (such as dandelion or groundsel) for long periods, both day and night. Remember, guinea pigs need hay and/or grass for their digestive systems to function properly.

Can you replace hay with grass for guinea pigs?

Fresh grass is one of the very best forages you can give. But it would take a huge amount to satisfy a pigs hunger. Hay is dried grass but it seems to have a bit more fiber than grass but grass has more nutritional value because it’s fresh.

How much fresh grass can guinea pigs eat?

Hay/grass: At least 85 – 90% of your guinea pigs’ diet should be hay and grass. Fresh greens and veg: A teacup amount of fresh greens and veg, per guinea pig, per day – greens and veg high in vitamin C are especially good. Pellets: Each of your guinea pigs should have one tablespoon of grass-based pellets per day.

Is hay or grass better for guinea pigs?

Hay is absolutely vital to the digestive health of your guinea pig. It prevents obesity, dental disease, diarrhea and boredom. Your guinea pig should have unlimited access to high quality grass hay. Your guinea pig should eat a pile of hay as big as his body every day.

Can guinea pigs eat timothy grass instead of hay?

Guinea pigs can get lots of vitamins and minerals from the leaves while munching on the stem helps wear down guinea pig’s teeth. Many consider Timothy to be the best guinea pig hay for guinea pigs given the balance of nutrients and the texture to aid guinea pig’s digestive and dental heal.

Can you use grass instead of hay for guinea pigs?

It is possible to feed your guinea pig fresh lawn grass in addition to timothy hay (and/or alfalfa hay, if they’re juveniles [for the calories]), but it should NEVER be fed instead of hay. Guinea pigs absolutely require the roughage and nutrients that hay provides. There is no substitute.

Which is better for guinea pigs orchard grass or timothy hay?

Timothy Hay is easier to get and provides the optimal balance of nutrition ranging from fiber, protein, and calcium for guinea pigs. The high fiber content found in timothy hay helps maintain normal digestive health. Orchard Hay is an excellent alternative for guinea parents who have allergy to timothy hay.

What can I substitute for hay for guinea pigs?

Fresh grass, orchard hay, and meadow hay are all great alternatives to Timothy Hay. Some alternatives like Alfalfa are fine for a few days but should not regularly be given to your guinea pig.

Can you feed guinea pigs grass instead of hay?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat grass since it contains some helpful nutrients. However, it can’t replace hay since hay has roughage and nutrients your piggies can’t get in any other foods. Grass from the lawn may also contain pesticides, weed killers, or any other chemicals that may be harmful to cavies.

What is the best bedding for guinea pigs?

There are several types of bedding available for Guinea Pigs to nest in, including paper-based, fleece, wood, and hay. The best bedding for your Guinea Pig is either a paper or fleece based bedding.

Can you replace hay with grass?

NO. You cannot feed grass INSTEAD of hay. The most important thing of a rabbit’s diet should be unlimited quantities of hay, which is dried grass. Its high fiber content is the primary component for maintaining good dental and intestinal health.

Can guinea pigs live off just grass?

It is Alfalfa that is high in calcium. Guinea’s can live on a grass only diet, however! you have to be very careful and really know what you’re doing.

Can I feed my guinea pig grass everyday?

GRASS Providing your guinea pig with a natural staple such as grass is an essential key to maintaining healthy gut mobility and should be offered as regularly as possible. Grass not only promotes healthy GI but is high in fibre and vitamin C which guinea pigs require daily.

Why will my guinea pig only eat grass?

Your guinea pig is an herbivore, which means he eats only plant material like hay. Herbivores need to have food moving constantly through their digestive systems to avoid serious health problems.

How long can guinea pigs stay on grass?

2. Limit grass time. If your piggies are grazing for the first time, we suggest limiting the time they’re out there. Start with 10-15 minutes a day, and if there isn’t a change in their poo, you can slowly increase the time by 15 minutes a day.

Can guinea pigs survive on only grass?

Guinea pigs’ digestive tracts are designed for lots of forage, so not only is it OK for him to eat grass, but you can also let him eat as much as he likes. A good source of nutrition, fresh grass does come at a price: he may need regular deworming since soil and grass can contain parasite eggs.

How long should guinea pigs be on grass for?

Grass should be introduced slowly.

Start by letting them have 20 minutes a day maximum and slowly increasing their time on the grass by a few minutes each day. Increasing the amount of time too quickly can upset their little tummies and cause Bloat.

How long should guinea pigs be outside?

Guinea pigs are recommended to have at least 1 hour outside of their cage, every day. However, if your guinea pig has never been outside, start with small amounts of time and increase gradually. It can be quite tiring to them at first.

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