How to do a squat with dumbbells?

Is it OK to squat with dumbbells? Squats with dumbbells can be even more effective than barbell squats at building muscle in your legs when done correctly. The dumbbell pistol squat, and Bulgarian split squat, are both unilateral exercises. This means they work one leg at a time, helping to smooth over any imbalances caused … Read more

Why is my heart rate high on easy runs?

Why is my heart rate so high when I run but I feel fine? If you’re not adequately hydrated, your heart rate can increase because your blood volume decreases, and your body runs low on the fluids it needs to maintain body temperature. It’s important to remember that it’s not just in the desert where … Read more

How long should i bulk for?

How long should bulking last? A bulking phase can last anywhere from 1 month to over 6 months or longer, depending on your goals. To start bulking, add a given number of calories to your typical daily calorie intake. You can determine how much to add with a quick calculation. How long should you bulk … Read more