What to put in gym bag?

A list of gym bag essentials can help you make sure you’re always prepared for your workout.

  1. Workout clothing.
  2. Water bottle.
  3. Bluetooth headphones.
  4. Workout log.
  5. Towel.
  6. Hair ties and brush.
  7. Activity-specific essentials.
  8. Flip flops/shower shoes.

Here’s a list of gym bag essentials:

  • Gym-appropriate training gear (avoid denim or replica shirts)
  • Gym shoes (sturdy trainers work best; avoid weak canvas shoes)
  • Sweat towel (for wiping down equipment after you use it)
  • Towel and shampoo (for a post-workout shower)
  • Post-workout snack.
  • Water bottle.

13 Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Watch. How long do you rest between sets?
  2. Water bottle. Your gym has a water fountain so why even tote around a water bottle you say?
  3. Journal and pen. How much did you row last week?
  4. Baseball or tennis ball.
  5. Shaker bottle.
  6. Protein powder.
  7. Music and headphones.
  8. Belt.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the absolute necessities you should be packing with you into your gym bag.

  1. Water Bottle.
  2. Weight Lifting Belt.
  3. Towels.
  4. Gloves/Power Grips.
  5. Protein Powder.
  6. Hygiene Equipment.
  7. Spare Clothes.
  8. Barbell Squat Pad.

What can I put in my gym bag for smell?

White vinegar is an acid with properties that kill bacteria and fungi that cause gym bag odor. Clean seams will also keep clean gym clothes from smelling when stored in your bag. Finish your wipe-down with another once over with Laundry Booster to eliminate any lingering, set-in odor molecules.

How to keep your clothes fresh in your gym bag

  1. Roll your clothes in your bag.
  2. Make a clothes parcel.
  3. Wrap your shoes in plastic bags.
  4. Put your socks inside the shoes.
  5. Put your belt inside your shirt’s collar.
  6. Keep silica gel packs and scented sachets in your bag.
  7. Keep emergency garments at work.

What’s In The Bag: 9 Essential Items to Pack in Your Gym Bag

  1. Weight Lifting Belt.
  2. Towels.
  3. Gloves/Power Grips.
  4. Protein Powder.
  5. Hygiene Equipment.
  6. Spare Clothes.
  7. Barbell Squat Pad.
  8. Headphones.


  1. Key fob. There’s nothing worse than showing up at the gym, only to forget your key.
  2. Lock for your locker.
  3. Odor balls.
  4. Pre-workout snack.
  5. Water bottle.
  6. Sweat towel.
  7. Sneakers.
  8. Socks.

What is usually in a gym bag?

I’ve always packed sweatpants, t-shirt or sweatshirt, socks, jock, workout shoes (work boots, before weightlifting shoes), chalk, towel, soap, belt, straps, athletic tape, and my workout log book. I’m always amazed at the people who come to the gym unprepared with the workout gear needed for their workouts.The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bodybuilders

  • Protein. A LOT of protein.
  • Gym and Fitness Apparel.
  • Skin Stuff.
  • Tanning Stuff.
  • A Good Shaker Bottle.
  • Good Headphones.
  • A Good Blender.
  • Spices.

10 Gym Bag Essentials For Men

  • Deodorant. Goes without saying that the number one gym etiquette is to use a deo before and after a gym session.
  • Water Bottle. Our muscles are made up of 79% water.
  • Grip Gloves. Workout smarter – not harder.
  • Towels.
  • Extra T-shirt.
  • Protein Bar.
  • Pain Relieving Spray.
  • Headphones.

9 Gym Bag Essentials For Serious Lifters

  1. Proper Footwear. Have you ever considered how your shoes influence your body?
  2. Chalk/Liquid Grip. This one is a game changer especially if you’re going to be deadlifting or rowing heavy.
  3. A Quality Belt.
  4. Athletic Tape/Band aids.
  5. A Log Book.
  6. Bands.
  7. Wrist Wraps.
  8. Foam Roller.

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