What does the aztec clay mask do?

Is Aztec clay mask good for face?

Aztec clay is one of the most beneficial clay masks as it’s not only made from natural bentonite clay, but its properties have been of value for centuries. Clay masks are most commonly used on the face but can also be used on the hair and the body. They can help to clear up skin conditions such as acne.

Does Aztec clay mask remove acne scars?

Whether you have acne prone skin or depressingly dull skin, bentonite clay can aid a plethora of skin complaints. It can even dissolve scars with regular use. Whether acne scars or insect bite scars, aztec can help get rid of them and help you attain smooth and radiant skin.

Does Aztec clay really work?

Hands down, Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay is totally worth it. Not only is it super affordable, but it’s really effective at clearing clogged pores and making them less visible.

How often should I use Aztec clay mask on face?

When used as a face mask, aztec clay can help to draw out impurities, unclog pores, and remove excess oil. It can also help to shrink the appearance of pores and control sebum production. For best results, aztec clay should be used 1-2 times per week.

What are side effects of Aztec clay mask?

Does It Have Any Side Effects? The side effect most people experience from this mask is drying and redness of the skin — the redness should disappear within about 30 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay may be too powerful for your skin.

Does Aztec clay mask dry out skin?

Because the clay can be super drying or sensitizing, especially when you mix it with the recommended apple cider vinegar. If you’ve got oily skin, Dr. Lal recommends masking up one to two times per week, while those with drier skin types should use it way less (i.e., start with once a week or once every other week.

How long do you leave Aztec clay mask on face?

You mix the mask with apple cider vinegar or water, leave it on your face anywhere from five to 20 minutes (depending on how sensitive your skin is), and then rinse it off.

Are Aztec clay masks better morning or night?

If it is meant to hydrate your skin and give it a glow, wear it in the morning. But, if it has clarifying and exfoliating ingredients, then wait until night falls to put on the mask.

Should I wash my face after Aztec clay mask?

Once the mask is moist again, rinse it off without soap or facial cleanser. Take your time to avoid scrubbing or irritating your skin while removing the mask. Dry and moisturize your skin.

What happens if you leave Aztec mask on for too long?

This is crucial, as I (and many other Amazon customers) noticed: Leaving it on for too long can lead to redness and excessive drying out of your skin. Because it does tend to dry out the skin, hydration is key, so make sure you moisturize right after you’ve washed your face cle.

Are you supposed to let the Aztec clay mask dry?

That being said- we recommend never leaving your Clay Mask on for longer than 15 minutes- as it’s already worked it’s magic by then, removing excess sebum, oils and impurities from the surface of your skin, while delivering beneficial molecules found in extracts and clays!

How long does it take for Aztec healing clay to clear acne?

After a few weeks of using it, I can undoubtedly put my stamp of approval on this clay mask. After about 5 days of using Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay every day my pimples were gone and my skin was so clear and happy.

Does the Aztec clay mask bring out pimples?

Yes, a clay mask may cause a breakout, initially. It’s not uncommon to wake up the next day with a breakout. But this can be a good thing. The clay is bringing to the surface what was clogged in your pores.

How often should you use Aztec clay mask for acne?

I recommend using the aztec clay mask everyday for 5-7 days or until your problem areas clear up considerably. Start with a full face mask, then day two just spot treat the problem areas, then the next day use a full face mask and so on. Once you’ve reset your skin, you can switch to using it once a week.

Does Aztec Healing Clay make your skin purge?

Important Note: A purging phase may occur when using this product during the first few weeks as it pullstoxins out from under the skin. Try to avoid popping or picking at the spots and wait for them to heal naturally. Aztec clay speeds up the healing process as it draws out toxins, dirt, and debris.

Do clay masks shrink pimples?

Clay Masks Help Acne

All without the harsh side-effects associated with traditional acne products. And because clay decongests clogged pores, it can help visibly reduce the size and frequency of breakouts.

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