Should my eyebrows match my hair?

While it is true that matching the color of your eyebrows with your hair is not necessary, saying that eyebrows should always be darker than your hair color is not entirely accurate. The right eyebrow shade depends on a few factors such as your skin tone, the undertone of your hair, and your personal preference. Here are some tips to help you determine the right eyebrow color for you:

  1. Consider your skin tone: If you have fair skin, it’s generally best to go a shade or two darker than your hair color. If you have medium to dark skin, you can match your brow color to your hair color or even go a shade lighter.
  2. Take your hair’s undertones into account: If you have warm-toned hair (think red, copper, or golden blonde), opt for a brow product with warm tones such as auburn or warm brown. For cool-toned hair (like ash blonde or black), go for cool-toned brow products such as taupe or dark brown.
  3. Determine your personal preference: Ultimately, the decision of what color to choose for your eyebrows depends on what you feel most comfortable with. Experiment with different shades and see what looks best on you. Keep in mind that it’s always easier to go lighter than darker, so start with a lighter shade and gradually build up to your desired look.

In summary, your eyebrows do not necessarily have to match your hair color exactly. Instead, consider your skin tone, hair undertones, and personal preference when choosing an eyebrow color that looks natural and flattering on you.

Should your eyebrows be darker or lighter than your hair?

With the above in mind when considering whether your eyebrows should be lighter or darker, I’d suggest the main rule of thumb is… “…to have your brows similar to your hair color! You can’t go wrong! If you wish to go for a slightly different color, I’d recommend only 1-2 shades darker or lighter!”

Why are my eyebrows different color than my hair?

That’s a normal thing, don’t worry. I have blonde hair, and brown eyebrows. Having the exact same color eyebrows as your hair isn’t a natural thing. Usually it’s just a close color, lighter, or darker.

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What do you do if your eyebrows don’t match?

An eyebrow pencil can fill in and even out eyebrows that aren’t completely symmetrical. If you’re not a big fan of the eyebrow pencil, there are plenty of other products for you to try. Brow powder, pomade, color wands, brow mascara, and highlighter pencils are all easy to find at any cosmetics counter.

Should you go lighter or darker on eyebrows?

Our experts suggest using brow products that are a shade lighter than your hair color. Using a tone that’s too dark may cause your makeup to look harsh or obvious, instead of natural and effortless. Lighter tones look more natural and are more forgiving.

Should eyebrows match hair or eyes?

The rule of thumb for maintaining a flattering eyebrow shade is: For lighter hair colors like grey hair or chemically lightened hair, your eyebrows should be two shades darker than your hair. For darker hair colors like brunettes or red-haired girls, your eyebrows should be two shades lighter than your hair.

Is it better to go lighter or darker for eyebrows?

If so, color your brows a shade or two darker than your hair color as this will make the brows ‘pop’ as they will be the darkest feature on your face. If however you are looking for a subtle, natural look, opt instead for the same color as your hair or perhaps one shade lighter.

Should I go lighter or darker with eyebrow pencil?

If you have light brown hair with light eyes, pick a darker tone to define. If you have dark eyes, it’s always safer to go slightly lighter. You should match to your highlight rather than your base,” says Madron.

Do lighter eyebrows make you look older?

Just as there’s a limit to how dark your brows should be, you don’t want them to go too light. Light eyebrows age you. The tails of the brows get lighter and thinner with age, and you may also notice some patchy areas.

Why do darker eyebrows look better?

Dark brows were shown to make a person look younger in a study that was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology because humans appear to (subconsciously) correlate distinct contrasts in facial features with youth. Given that eyebrows do tend to pale with age, that makes sense.

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