How to treat armpit rash from deodorant?

How long does it take for armpit rashes to go away?

How long does an armpit yeast infection last? After you start antifungal treatment for your armpit yeast infection, the rash should start to clear within two weeks.

Does deodorant rash go away?

If you end up with an itchy armpit rash after trying a new deodorant, don’t panic. Dr. Skelsey says that the reaction should usually go away on its own after a few days once you stop using the product. You don’t even need a specific underarm rash treatment or ointment if you notice day-to-day improvemen.

What causes armpit rash from deodorant?

Deodorant armpit rashes are most commonly caused by alcohol, aluminum, fragrances, preservatives, and dyes. That being said, every person’s skin tolerates specific ingredients differently. You may experience a rash from an ingredient that doesn’t fit neatly in those categories above.

What deodorant is best for underarm rash?

If you develop a rash or irritation in your underarm, try switching to a hypoallergenic product to see if it helps. Some hypoallergenic deodorants and antiperspirants include: Almay Hypo-Allergenic Fragrance-Free Roll-On (deodorant and antiperspirant) Mitchum Roll-On Unscented (deodorant and antiperspiran.

What does a rash under your armpit mean?

An armpit yeast infection is a fungal skin infection caused by a yeast called Candida. It causes a bright red, itchy rash in your underarm area. Candida grow and thrive in warm, moist environments. Treatment includes the use of an antifungal cream or ointment.

Does armpit rash go away on its own?

Heat rash often appears as small white bumps on the skin. This type of rash usually resolves quickly once the body has cooled down and doesn’t cause any itching. Eczema — or atopic dermatitis — is another common cause of irritation on the armpit.

Are armpit rashes normal?

Armpit rashes can be caused by allergic reactions, infections, and chronic conditions. Armpits are a common place to get rashes because the skin there is thin, folds up on itself, and can be hairy. These factors create the right conditions for moisture buildup and irritation, which can lead to rashes.

When should I be concerned about armpit rash?

Any time you have lingering symptoms—like an itchy, irritated armpit—it’s not a bad idea to see a healthcare provider who specializes in skin conditions.

How do I get rid of a rash under my armpits?

Hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion are both effective home treatments for an irritated and inflamed armpit rash. A candida rash or other fungal rash requires a different approach. Try over-the-counter antifungal treatments that contain clotrimazole, nystatin, or ketoconazole.

What would a rash under the armpit be?

Intertrigo is a rash that strikes moist areas of skin folds. It’s common in the armpits, under the breasts, and in the folds of the groin and abdomen. The rash is often caused by yeast, fungi, or bacteria that love being in a damp environment.

If you have a rash and notice any of the following symptoms, see a board-certified dermatologist or go to the emergency room immediately:

  1. The rash is all over your body.
  2. You have a fever with the rash.
  3. The rash is sudden and spreads rapidly.
  4. The rash begins to blister.
  5. The rash is painful.
  6. The rash is infected.

Can an armpit rash be serious?

Complications of armpit rashes

Leaving an armpit rash untreated for too long can lead to serious bacterial and fungal infections. These infections can result in fluid-filled red bumps called pustules to form on the skin. Pustules are itchy and inflamed. Scratching them too often can leave scars.

Symptoms vary depending on body location, but include the following:

  1. rashes.
  2. red or purple patches (area with an altered surface)
  3. white, flaky substance over affected areas.
  4. scaling, or shedding of the skin with flakes.
  5. cracks in the skin.
  6. soreness.
  7. erythema, which results in areas of redness.

What does a rash under armpit mean?

Since your armpit skin folds on itself, it can trap moisture. Intertrigo is a rash that strikes moist areas of skin folds. It’s common in the armpits, under the breasts, and in the folds of the groin and abdomen. The rash is often caused by yeast, fungi, or bacteria that love being in a damp environment.

What does a cancerous rash look like?

What does a cancerous rash look like? Cancerous rashes, marks, and moles can vary in their appearance. If you notice a red, scaly patch on your skin that itches, cracks, or bleeds — and doesn’t seem to be healing — there is a chance it could be cancerous.

How do I get rid of a chafing rash under my armpit?

Keep your clothing clean and dry. Dried sweat, dirt and other debris can cause irritation. Use petroleum jelly, an anti-chafing cream or an anti-chafing stick to prevent chafing in easily irritated areas.

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