How long to leave tanologist drops on?

Can I use Tanologist drops overnight?

Use at night to recharge skin. Vegan, Organic, and Cruelty Free. TO USE | Apply drops directly onto the face, massaging in circular motions and avoiding the eye area. Color will be fully developed in 8 hrs.

What happens if you leave Tanologist on overnight?

Self Tan Mousse

With Tanologist’s signature non-comedogenic formula to keep the pores free of tan build-up, the mousse can be washed away after two hours or left on the skin overnight for a tan that is guaranteed to have people asking if you’ve been away.

How many drops of Tanologist should I use on my face?

Apply 1-12 drops to your favorite moisturizer depending on desired end result. More drops = Deeper tan. Mix together in the palm on your hand and apply to skin. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Do you have to wash Tanologist tan off?

Our self-tan water is completely transparent meaning you don’t need to wash off after application. Our crystal clear formula means no transfer on clothes or sheets. How do I prep my skin before applying The Water? We always recommend prepping your skin 24 hours before application.

How long does it take for Tanologist to soak in?

Tanologist takes about two hours to develop. However, I would recommend waiting at least four hours before showering, as this will give the product ample time to set and achieve the best results possible.


  1. Prep the skin using our Tanologist Eraser and Primer.
  2. Moisturise dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees, and feet.
  3. Apply to skin in sweeping motions from head to toe using a tanning mitt.
  4. Shower off depending on your desired end result between 1-4 hours and wash hands following application.

Does Tanologist need to be rinsed off?

How long does it take to develop/does it need to be rinsed off? Our Mousses develop over 4-6 hours. There’s no guide colour which means there’s no need to rinse off.

How long does Tanologist tan stay on?

How long do the products last? Tanologist is developed to last up to 7 days but we recommend reapplying every 3 days in order to maintain your glow.

Are you supposed to wash or rinse off self tanner?

If you opt for a wash-off tan, allow it to develop for 4 to 8 hours. Then, wash it off with slightly cooler water than normal, and don’t use scrubs or soaps as these can fade your tan. Simply rinse until the water runs clear.

Can you leave Tanologist Express Tan Mousse on overnight?

FAST | Our tanning foam is express – leave tan on for 2 hours for a sunkissed glow or overnight for a deep bronze; glow will last up to 1 week and fades evenly. Choose shade based on desired end result.

Will Tanologist stain sheets?

Speaking to the founder, Lottie Tomlinson, she says, “Tanologist’s clear formula is self-tan without all the downsides of self-tanning – no stained sheets, no breakouts & no bad smells…

Do you have to shower after using Tanologist?

Once developed, your glow will last up to one week and fades evenly like your sun tan would. Each bottle is express, so for a light glow, wash off after 2 hours. For the deepest bronze max it out overnight before showering.

Are you supposed to rinse off fake tan?

And again, after 6-10 hours, you’ll definitely want to shower it off. This isn’t our preferred way to do it, but hey, some of you might not have a choice. Ok so there you have it. Be sure to leave your self tanner on for at least 6-10 hours to see the best results.

When can I shower after using Tanologist?

Prep the skin using Tanologist Eraser & Primer. Moisturize dry areas, such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. Spray directly onto dry skin and blend with a tanning mitt using large circular motions. Shower 1-4 hours after application depending on desired end result.

How do you wash off Tanologist?


Insta Glow glides seamlessly onto skin and is fast drying & never tacky. Your bronze will last up to 24hrs and is removed with warm, soapy water. The easy-to-use tube guarantees a mess-free application, while the adaptable shade works for all skin tones.

What happens if you don’t shower after self tanner?

After you’ve applied your self-tanner, let the color develop and darken for about 6 to 8 hours. During this time frame, avoid showering and sweaty activities to prevent the self-tanner from washing off, as this can cause streaks and uneven color.

What happens if you leave fake tan on overnight?

The good news, in brief, is that you can have fake tan overnight, providing there isn’t an excessive amount of guide color in the tanner. What is this? In fact, leaving fake tan on overnight will help the color develop, giving you a better finish.

Should I sleep with self tanner on overnight?

First and best, you can apply your self tanner at night, let it dry, and then go to bed. When you wake up, take a shower, and you should have a beautiful, gorgeous tan that lasts for days. And any remaining self tanner “smell” and “streakiness” should be completely gone after you shower.

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