How to tell if burberry scarf is real?


How do you identify a Burberry? Most Burberry bags contain either a metal plaque or a leather tag. The metal plaque should match the colour of the bags outside hardware along with an engraving of ‘Burberry – London’ in the brand’s signature font. How can you tell if a Burberry logo is real? In looking … Read more

How to wash scarves in the washing machine?

Can you wash scarf in washing machine? Use a lingerie bag: If you are washing scarves in a washing machine always put them in a mesh lingerie bag or use a zippered pillowcase protector to keep them from getting tangled. Scarves can get tangled around other clothes or in the washing machine agitator during the … Read more

Who makes the best quality sunglasses?


Best Sunglass Brands Ray-Ban. This iconic brand is known for its versatile frames you can’t go wrong with. COACH. From round to square, COACH offers classic, oversized silhouettes that are universally flattering. Burberry. Michael Kors. Classic styles that stand out. Maui Jim. Oakley. Best Overall: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic at Amazon. … Best Overall: Ray-Ban Aviator … Read more

How to keep sharpie on a shirt?


Will Sharpie stay on fabric after washing? Is Sharpie permanent on clothing? Well, Sharpies are intended to be permanent markers, but the reality is the marks do fade somewhat with frequent washing. How do you keep Sharpies from fading on shirts? When it comes to washing and drying a T-shirt with a Sharpie design, avoid … Read more

How much does a prom suit cost?

How much should you spend on a prom suit? The average cost of getting a tailor-made prom suit ranges from $300 to $500 depending on where you live, but if you are willing to spend more money, you can get an even more luxurious garment made from high-quality material. Is a suit OK for prom? … Read more

How to shrink a leather bracelet?


Is it possible to shrink leather? If you have a leather item that you need to shrink, the easiest way is to soak the leather in water and then dry it in the sun or with a hair dryer. The combination of moisture and heat tightens the fibers of the leather, causing it to shrink … Read more

Should a man wear a signet ring?


What does it mean if a man wears a signet ring? Traditionally, signet rings were worn on the pinky finger and used by gentlemen, particularly gentlemen involved with business or politics, as a seal to sign important documents. Engraved with the wearers family crest, the signet ring would be dipped into hot wax before being … Read more

How long do vans shoes last?


How long should my Vans last? They’re meant for skaters and a lot of skaters need super durable shoes. They last a long time but it all depends on how you take care of them! I’ve had mine for almost a year. They last even longer if you use a water resistant spray. Are Vans … Read more

Are old gucci watches worth anything?


Do vintage Gucci watches have serial numbers? Every Gucci watch is sold with an authenticity certificate, which features a serial number. You can check this serial number with Gucci to confirm that the watch in question is genuine. Can I pawn a Gucci watch? Pawn or sell your Gucci items to us and we will … Read more

What color shoes to wear with red pants?

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What shoes goes well with red pants? Light brown shoes are a natural pairing with red trousers. This is perfect for a summer evening out and the brown lends a touch of dressiness to the ensembl. What color to wear with red pants? Both white and black work well with red, as can cream and … Read more