Can you put net lights on a christmas tree?

How do you put away net Christmas lights?

How to Store Net Christmas Lights. Those net lights that go on shrubs aren’t too difficult to store. Just use a long and narrow storage tote. Regalado says she likes to fold the netting back and forth, like a piece of fabric, before they go into a plastic bin.

What’s the best way to put lights on a Christmas tree?

Horizontal is the most traditional way to install your Christmas tree lights—traveling around and around the tree to wind in the lights. (It’s the method we show in the video!) To give your Christmas tree a professional look, string them a little randomly, to give your lights a more organic, natural feel.

Can you put net lights on the ground?

Start by laying your net lights on the ground in front of the hedges before you start draping them. That way, you can make sure you have enough lights and create straighter rows. Just be sure to check the lines of lights once you’ve draped them to ensure they aren’t tangled.

How do you store wire string lights?

I store my lights 2 ways. For the longer strands, I gently wind them on an empty, clean can. After wrapping the lights around the outside, I store the cord on the inside of the can for safe keeping. For the shorter lengths, I use an empty TP or paper towel roll.

How do you store c9 Christmas lights?

“The tried and true method I’ve been using for years is simply wrapping the lights around a piece of cardboard big enough that there isn’t any overlap,” she says. “Then, I store those pieces of cardboard in a plastic tote.”

5 Tangle-Free Tips For Storing Christmas Lights

  1. Wrap Your Lights Around Cardboard.
  2. Use A Power Cord Wheel.
  3. Get Manual.
  4. Keep The Original Boxes.
  5. Replace And Bargain Shop.

How do you store hanging string lights?

Hanging Christmas Light Storage

When you’re nearing the end of the string, wrap the end around the notch on the other side or around the neck of the hangar, then loosely tie or loop it through to secure. Hang in a closet if you have space. or place them in labeled bins separated by cardboard, newspaper or bubble wrap.

3 ways to store Christmas lights so that they don’t tangle

  1. Clothes hanger. Emily Slawek. Anchor one end of the lights on the tiny hook (used for small straps).
  2. Wrapping paper tube. Emily Slawek. Instead of tossing the tube when the wrapping paper is all gone, put it to work!
  3. Piece of cardboard. Emily Slawek.


How do you store copper wire lights?

Plastic twist ties — which work by wrapping one end of the wire over the other — are brilliant for keeping your lights together. As well as holding lights in place along bannisters, the ties can work wonders when it comes to storing the.

We’ve got some nifty ideas to help you store your Christmas lights so that they stay knot free and in good condition!

  1. Use a coat hanger. Simple and effective, using a coat hanger will help to keep your lights tangle free and easy to unravel.
  2. Use wrapping paper tubes.
  3. Christmas tree light reels.
  4. A cardboard box.

How do you store string lights?

Roll out a length of plastic sheet equal to that of the strand lights and cut the plastic sheet from the roll. Place the strand on top of the plastic sheet and roll the plastic sheet and strand lights together. This will keep the icicle strands from tangling and bundle everything neatly inside a sheet of plastic.


  1. Tape one end of the light strand to the edge of the box.
  2. Begin tightly and neatly wrapping the strand of lights around the long side of the box (or any side, if the box is a square).
  3. Secure the other end of the light strand with a second piece of packing tape when you’re finished.

How to keep Christmas lights from getting tangled

  1. Unwind the twinkling strands from around your Christmas tree.
  2. Grab a hanger.
  3. Starting at one end of the strand, start wrapping the lights around both sides of the hanger.
  4. Continue wrapping until you’ve reached the opposite end of the strand.

How do you store LED Christmas lights?

LED lights are extremely durable. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll hold up to lots of rough treatment during storage. Plastic storage tubs make ideal containers for your lights. The containers are light and easy to handle, they’re compact and stackable, and they’ll keep your lights well protected.

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