Can egyptian magic be used on face?

What does Egyptian Magic do for your skin?

According to the website, it works to moisturize; heal burns; treat cuts and scrapes; fade scars; relieve eczema and psoriasis; nourish hair; condition the lips; soothe razor burn; help with sun overexposure; nourish hands, cuticles, feet, and elbows; remove makeup; and treat diaper rash (phew).

Can I use Egyptian oil on my face?

Can I use Egyptian magic serum on my face? Egyptian Magic Cream makes my complexion look so healthy, youthful and I have a natural glow! I have gotten so many compliments on my glowing complexion. I slather it on my face, eyelids, lips, elbows, legs, knees & even my chest!

Does Egyptian Magic help with pimples?

Use as a moisturizer, holistic acne treatment, lip balm, eye cream, after-sun moisturizer or even hair mask. It can’t single-handedly treat acne, but it is a good moisturizer for skin, eye area, lips and even after-sun.

Does Egyptian Magic lighten skin?

It helps provide a clear and radiant complexion as it brightens your appearance. It will lighten your overall skin tone without harsh bleaching chemicals. Use it on your face, neck or other affected areas. Egyptian Magic Whitening Cream brings the most natural product to skin care.

What does Egyptian Magic cream do for skin?

Hydrates and repairs skin from head to toe. Use as a moisturizer, holistic acne treatment, lip balm, eye cream, after-sun moisturizer or even hair mask. It also works wonders on eczema and skin irritations.

Does Egyptian Magic help wrinkles?

Egyptian Magic counts 17 uses for the potion, including anti-aging benefits like smoothing wrinkles and fine lines, as well as soothing eczema, psoriasis, recent scars, cracked heels, and rashes. It also works as a face moisturizer, makeup primer, lip balm, hand cream, and as a fix for stretch marks and diaper rash.

Does Egyptian Magic help dark circles?

This actually did the trick. Not only did it get rid of my fine lines, it actually helped my poofy eyes and dark circles. Eventually I started putting this around my eye area before applying makeup. Half an hour or an hour before does the trick or else if you accidentally touch it the base wipes off.

Does Egyptian Magic serum lighten skin?

Description. Egyptian Magic Lightening Serum soothes the skin with its nature secret argan oil which is good for the skin. This serums lightens and clarifies your skin, giving it an even tone.

How long does Egyptian Magic take to work?

If your skin is feeling dry, tight or dull, apply Egyptian Magic as a face mask and let the natural ingredients sink in. Apply a layer of Egyptian Magic on your skin, leave for 30 minutes and remove with a hot cloth. Your skin should wake up feeling much more nourished!

Does Egyptian Magic Cream darken skin?

Pure Egyptian Magic Whitening is a powerful lightening cream that is excellent in restoring suppleness to your skin. The lotion is very thick in consistency and it is manufactured in Egypt. This lotion prevents excess melanin production resulting in a brighter skin tone.

How good is pure Egyptian Magic Whitening serum?

This powerful whitening cream is not just excellent as a face and body formulation, but it also works best to clear dark spots on knee, elbow, thigh and other dark areas. Pure Egyptian Magic Cream also helps to remove age spots, freckles and evens out skin tone essential oils from fruits and plants.

Does Egyptian oil lighten the skin?

It also rapidly causes skin lightening by converting melanin to a lighter colour and deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce the pigment. Egyptian Goat Milk contains precious skin minerals like selenium and is loaded with vitamins, particularly vitamin A, the most important vitamin for the skin.

What does Egyptian serum do?

Formulated with nutritious vitamin C, Argan oil, kojic acid to remove stubborn dark spots, acne and scars. Giving you a radiant glowing skin tone. You will be happy with your skin, and your skin will thank you.

How good is Egyptian magic whitening serum?

In summary, it is the best skin care product on the market. It can be applied directly to your skin or as an additive to your cream. Protection from the skin damaging effects of the Sun. Moisturizes and soothes the skin as it contains Vitamin E.

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